Women in the Military

Hi Women in the military.

Just for fun - when we are talking about war - I hope you understand we are no longer talking.  About anything.  

We are not talking anymore - do you understand me?

Didja' hear about the American mother that was a soldier?  Her kid had the flu -  but she was busy machine-gunning an Iraqi kid - so she couldn't attend to her child.  Poor American kid huh?

You - have become a fucking receptacle.  You will remain such - for as long as it takes for you to "wear out" or fucking hang yourself - since - after all - women in the military - on the front lines - where all you idiotic bitches wanted to be - is a real fuckin' mess now isn't it?

Don't bitch about guys fucking you up the ass or in the eye socket - because there is nothing to talk about when you've just done a village - if ya' know what I mean.  

Things are ugly in war - unless - of course - you are lookin' for dat' shit.  They things are, of course, ugly, and you either jack off to it - or you fuck the dead bodies - I have no idea.

I'm not into war, corpses, coffins, draping flags over coffins, propping up bodies in coffins and making idiotic arm/hand/finger signs for the camera/ - you dumb fucking cunts that wanna' kill people for some convoluted reason or other in uniform wearing an American flag - I think you are all a bunch of fucking criminals.  I can only hope and pray to God - this festive Easter - that your kids will be lucky enough to be visiting the town that YOU, you filthy fuckin' hag, are busy bombing - and you get the opportunity to hear your darling daughter scream MOMMY MOMMY! as she burns to death from the bomb YOU DROPPED ON THEM!  DID I remember to say fuck you?  Did I remind you that as a mother you are simply a tool, a pile of shit , a cog in a machine of death?  Did I tell you that I hope you are fucking demeaned in the most despicable manner on the battlefield - because - war is hell - and you fucking asked to be there?  You fucking volunteered!  Hoooooooahhhhhh!  Dumb cunt!   Ha ha ha.

No declared war - nothing.  You all need to be hanged!  Do you understand?  You are occupying soverign nations- no declared war - no fucking nothing!   You are all fucking war criminals.  Got that?

Oh - everybody's doing it so it's OK.  

Psssssst!  You are fucked.  Bad.  You just don't know it yet.  Why?

You have to live a few decades to understand how slow the law works.  My panic comes from the shit heads in congress signing their own death warrants with the NDAA.  Then I realized that maybe the executive would kill off a few dozen of the filthy idiotic scum-leeches in the Congress stupid enough to sign their own NDAA death warrants.  Fuck it - I welcome the action - not because it is legal - but because I hate any Congressa-hole that would even consider signing such a slap in the face to me

But soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines - you are all fucked.  You've all gone along with the crowd and murdered innocent people - there is no evidence whatsoever that any of these people attacked the USA.  The homeland/now fatherland/NAZIland - what will you do?

How will you followers that bought into the lies of the recruiters make amends?  Don't bother - you cannot.  There is no way to bring back to life a million dead Iraqis.  That is an accomplishment you must remain proud of for the rest of your life - because DEAD is dead.  One way street.  And don't forget about the little kids you killed.  



  1. Goes for everyone, regardless of gender. . .and the rape factor happens to both genders, too. So, unless you're put together like 'Arnie' or something, 'sausage casings' are gonna have to watch their arses, too.

    Something that isn't mentioned in the mainstream, and only occasionally brought up in the alternative, but at least it is brought up and it is archived.

  2. Now that the "war" occupies the homeland, why not add the cops to your diatribe?

    They didn't buy Bearcats and hollow points for nothing. Now mama can play the home version and kill her own kid without leaving the country.

  3. Hi Steven, the are in the diatribe just below this one. Click on the title where it says Americans Journey at the top, page will reload, and you'll see a similarly vicious attack that includes the cops.

  4. You are conflating a number of ideas which are not actually connected. You are assuming that the child with the flu had no other caregiver. A child has two parents. If the mother is at war, it is assumed the father will stay by his child and see to the child's needs. He should be perfectly capable of doing so.

    We are currently fighting illegal wars, and our soldiers are carrying out war crimes. This is true, but you conflate this with a woman serving in the military. Historically, serving in the military in defense of one's country is good and honorable action. And women should carry out good and honorable actions.

    Yet you suggest that these women should not complain when their comrades in arms, their fellow soldiers, their fellow Americans, rape them.

    Sir, your vitriol against women seems to have spun your moral compass. We did not hang the soldiers of the German Army after Nuremberg. We hung their generals. But we would certainly have hung the rapists.

    Now, ask yourself, when our nation is committing war crimes, why you are turning your anger upon the women soldiers in the ranks?

  5. ...in the post right below this one.

  6. No human being. I repeat, no human being should be worthy of any consideration when they willfully sacrifice one of the FEW things that separate us from animals.

    Free will.

    Soldiers have sacrificed their free will to do the bidding of another human being (fuck your little tin medals and political status) to the point that they are even willing to kill someone when given the "order". This insanity has gone on for a LOOOOONG time, and it's time for it to be acknowledged as what it is and those that have succumbed to it to be treated accordingly. I mean, what the hell is the use of free will if you're just going to throw it away when some politician says "bo", or "they hate you because of your freedom" or some shit like that?

    I'll tell you what's going to happen when a lot of these troops come back to the states. They're going to jump their asses right into "law enforcement". They just can't get enough of obeying orders like semi-sentient attack dogs.

    Boy I tell ya! The shit is definitely starting to float to the top, which might be a good thing since that should make it much easier to be removed.

  7. Good point - they already have dissolved into "law" "enforcement" - and the bodies are stacking up. Every day - you don't have to look hard - to find yet another police murder of an innocent.

    Must be like the good ole' days killing other people in their own country - now they get to do it here - with the consent of the "legal" system.

    I will mention - that some are wising up - the judge down south that locked up the pigs that murdered folks during Katrina.

  8. Ugly post.
    Had to be said, though.
    I have no respect for hired killers, male or female.
    Yet, because women must make a SPECIAL EFFORT to go into combat, it does seem that their involvement is more willful, and they are therefore more responsible. I could be wrong.


  9. Thanks sj - you are right - terribly ugly, horrible, and embarrassing.

    I am ashamed. I just wonder why more Americans are not.

    Thanks for coming by.



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