Great news!

No there really is great news:  Birds.

Sparrow I know - name is Hatcher.  

It all started the day after the storm - no - not that long ago - maybe 7 days?  I can't remember - been really busy you know....

I walked into the kitchen - we have a view of the side where you can see a way-high-up-off-the-ground perch - atop the curved downspout of the drainpipe to the gutter under the eve on the corner of the house.

I have an old Celestron Mak-Cass 90  - the birds must have hatched today - first time I ever saw "Hatcher" move - all I ever saw for a week+ was:

1.  Nest appears - glued with mud to leaves to the "spiral" twig nest .....to the top of an aluminum gutter downspout.
2.  Nest is positioned so that the spotlights for the yard, when on, don't bother Hatcher, but illuminate the entire area, which is a grassy hill, lots of water, bugs, worms etc...
3.  Hatcher sat on those eggs - low profile - pecked around in the nest occasionally - either pointing toward the house or away - never saw Hatcher fly, walk - just appears, disappears.
4.  Today - walked into the house at 1740 or so hours - never walked over to the spotting scope to look (first thing I do when I walk into the house since the nest has been built) - didn't have time - as I was emptying all the corporate-Amerika shit out of my pockets - I could see Hatcher fly from the woods to the nest and stand there looking and working up-down into the nest.
5.  Looked into the scope - Heaven.  There it was - what our home has to offer.
6.  Usually I'm a hermit and have work to do - but I couldn't help myself - I just had to call my neighbor - can't mention names - but if I didn't get somebody that loves nature over here - I went over and got
7.  We watched the mother feed the chicks.  Sparrow.  I waited so long for that picture.

Onto less important things:

1.  The presidential election doesn't exist except in fantasy-land (Teevee and corporate-owned screedia)
2.  The new angle on why you have to vote for dumb or dumber is because "we can't ever agree with anyone on every topic, so even if the candidate is a psychopath and pathological serial liar - hey - ya' know - you just HAVE TO VOTE!  It's your duty!  (to vote for somebody that is part of the dismemberment of the United States of America, and the Liberty represented by said NATION OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR........WE THE PEOPLE.  

3.  People are talking - the information war is being won by the truth movement - the most promising aspect I can see - and this requires ballsy support from any "old people" like me - support the young kids when they try to explain to their parents that they (their parents) were lied to and that (the kid) has information that they (the parents) oughta' take a careful look at.

Business as usual with the banks

The bailout - where'd all the money go?  Here in my town - the banks took the last wave of "primo" property - they don't own it anymore, that was just their first attack wave.  They dumped all that property and are working on the next ring of land-grab.  How?

Did you ever notice that every new business, some restaurants, car dealerships, law offices, veterinarian offices - all kinds of start-ups - for sure where Iive - are in old bank buildings?

Hmmmmmmm.   Bank goes under, sell the land the bank owns - keep the money.

They - in the middle of the beginning of the next great depression - when nobody is lending money to people like me - a new bank appears on the main road.  They had to remove a monticello to level the ground, grade it, built the steel structure, build one of the largest retaining walls in the city, essentially terraform the place and make a useable business lot.....that a handful of employees work in.

This bank appeared during the banking scandal-stuff that's been going on.  So what does this all mean?

I'm sure we have respectable people running our banks here in my fatherland town.  I say fatherland because "homeland" sounds like we're gonna bake some apple pies together and crank out ice cream to go with it.  On the contrary...we will engage in some critical thought for a second or two.

Now if the bank was built with money that is essentially - inflating away like Helium - just going bye-bye into the atmosphere - and the key to winning in an inflationary market is to "get the money first and spend it on something that is immune to inflation" - that the best thing to do is to take taxpayer bailout money - build and finance a new "bank" that will employ nobody - and use the money to grab a bit of land that is destined - in the long run -(as opposed to the unbacked fiat paper) - destined in the long run - to provide one heckuva' return on investment - either by renting out the "old bank" in a few years on one  of the most valuable plots of land in the state at exorbitant prices - or sell the property for a coupla'three million.

Folks - your money - all of your money pilfered from you - is sitting right there - right in front of you - but you didn't get a single share of stock.  It's private property you bought for that bank - and if you are trying to get some sleep in your '57 Chevy or whatever you are using for a house for you, the mother in law and the kids - you may want to move your sled - because they WILL tow you.


Haven't you heard?  We are under attack! But.....

The most attacked aspect of my life so far has been my properties, bank account, retirement, future earnings and taxes.  I've been attacked on all those fronts - I am losing.  I am also aging so will deal with this in a compressed timeline compared to what I would do if I were 23 years old.

War.  What's in it for me?  

You want to have a war for whatever reason.  Let's say these lyin' crooks-in-suits we call "Congressmen", "Senators" - "Judges"

Let's say they are all great and looking out for us when they fine us just one more time for some silly crap that has become way way way out of control

Another cop killed another innocent person in another wrong house.  

We are under attack all right - and I would urge the police to police their ranks and crack the binding on a Constitution - it won't hurt - it's only a couple of pages.  Even 

heres the article:

"Unfortunately, this incident will only give citizens more reasons to fear and avoid law enforcement. 

The police may be protecting us from criminals, but who’s protecting us from the police?"

here's another
"A 61-year-old man was shot to death bypolice while his wife was handcuffed in another room during a drug raid on the wrong house.
Police admitted their mistake, saying faulty information from a drug informant contributed to the death of John Adams Wednesday night. They intended to raid the home next door."


We are on our way up and out of this hole - financially - morally - an awakening is in progress - 

It is time to pick a side - the side of liberty or the side of servitude.

The side of liberty comes with fresh air, freedom of speech and economic security as dessert.

The side of servitude comes with no dessert - just  a job washing the dishes and a kick in the ass from a jack-booted thug with a polyester pants and a plastic G-man badge.

It's your life and your money and your kids.


Only by exercising YOUR freedom of speech shall you keep it. Comment now - I can handle it....

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