History will repeat: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 02, 2008: A Cynical look at the RNC on C-SPAN: Fascist Flag-Waving

Note:  I found this old rant and re-posted it to refresh memories- written on-the-fly watching a repugnant republican "convention"....where did all the "we're the best" and "usa....usa!.....usa!"  mindlessness get us? jr, july 20'12  



A Cynical look at the RNC on C-SPAN: Fascist Flag-Waving

I'm watching the RNC on C-SPAN - turned it on at about 8:15 PM Eastern, just in time for Norm Coleman to finish some irrelevant ramblings - now the giant screen on the stage comes alive with super-huge and super-bright RED and WHITE stripes of an American flag waving - slowly and hypnotically - gigantic huge gargantuan American flag. More flags waving, kids holding flags, flags stuck in peoples hair, more flag worship. This reminds me very much of a Nazi rally - flags, flags and more flags and a head-on video of a military attack helicopter (American) making a low pass over the observer - large-caliber tank-busting nose cannon showing our proud American might. Soldiers saluting - it all warms the heart - and makes it skip a beat or two if you were hoping for a more peaceful message. The cameras pan to the audience to make sure the voter sees that there are black Republicans in the audience. From a distance I don't see many blacks at all but there are multiple close-ups of individuals while a black preacher gives a speech giving the illusion of a more mixed audience. I'm sorry for my cynicism but let's be honest here - this is a show to mezmerize the masses of true believers. The Republican Neo-Cons running this clambake are propaganda experts. They are also militaristic corporatists - which is why I so harshly criticize. Now another guy giving a speech with a black girl behind him. This leaves quite a different impression than that from video I saw on TV during the Hurricane Katrina debacle where one black person I saw on live TV was dead in a wheelchair outside. Just sitting there dead. Others stood on rooftops waving to rescuers that in many cases didn't show up for awhile. Others wading through filthy water - or "stealing" bottled water or food to survive. Now my RNC-provided moving picture shows black people assimilated into the Republican political machine - waving Old Glory and cheering on the neo-cons. Somehow I'm not buying it.

It is 8:45 approximately now - more flag-waving and brave American pride stuff that brings tears to sheep's eyes - images of Teddy Roosevelt with the gigantic grin - the voice-over continues "blah blah blah ... A leader during war..." blah blah - more pictures of brave American cowboy-looking guys with hats and guns... "...led the charge up San Juan Hill..." This theatrical production is getting to be a bit much. I can't take much more of it - it's all so fake.

It's 8:52 PM now Eastern - Suddenly the convention has become a concert/church picnic in front of a mammoth drive-in theater-size screen. We're treated to a young female singer with a great voice pealing - very middle-America looking - a guy with a hat and guitar slouches next to her playing accompaniment - she's singing her heart out while an immense - I mean bigger than any American flag ever, blood-red and white stripes waves majestically - almost slow-motion behind from the Brobdingnagian screen. Somehow this doesn't belong on C-Span - I thought we watched political issues on this channel. I've still seen nothing of substance.

8:58 approx. - The song is over - now a new one comes on through the PA system - AC/DC - while the crowd rocks out to this hard rock which seems completely out of place, a camera pans out from a close-up shot of another black person, revealing as it pans out to show the whole audience we realize this one black man is surrounded by an ocean of white faces - now McCain's wife is on camera. I guess the Republican party really knows the black vote is going to be very, very important in this election.

9:20 PM Eastern approx. - Tme to feed the audience more war imagery - The drive-in theater screen is going again - video of American warships in Pearl Harbor - burning - thick smoke - then...George Bush war story about the Pacific complete with pictures of him in front of his torpedo bomber - no not George W. Bush silly - George H.W. Bush since the kid wasn't in a war. The crowd goes wild. Now pictures of our other fearless hero John McCain dressed up in fighter pilot stuff in front of a jet fighter - see - look everybody - we have war heroes to run the country. But hang on a second - why aren't we talking about Dubya'? Hasn't that dunce been the prez for the last 8 miserable fascist years? Oh brother this propaganda show is tough to stick with. The audience is waving "Country First" signs and "Service" signs - interpretation of the meaning of these slogans is left to the reader.

It's 9:41 PM Eastern - now five medal of honor winners stand to huge applause and a chant - U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! Again this reminds me of a rally from the '30s with lots of chants and flags.
The marine continues introducing more patriots while another colossus of an American flag on the towering screen behind him waves. Now President George Herbert Walker Bush our hero is asked to stand - more war whoops from the audience.

It is 9:45 now, the first lady Laura Bush comes on to thundrous applause. I wonder what Laura has done to deserve the applause - but why not? Might as well clap folks - what else are you gonna' do? She nods her head with sincerity as she acknowledges everybody in the world and her family. She says "blah blah real American hero John McCain and running mate...blah first female vice president Republican woman...cheers...hollors..."women blah blah thank you to women in our dedicated audience blah blah and have you heard a good cookie recipe recently (I made that up) and Elaine Chow and Condi Rice (warmonger.) She is saying something about her husband saving Africans from AIDS - man I will have to look that up - I suspect she is full of sh#!. Blah blah mosquito nets prevent malaria - and 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq are living in freedom. Geez what about all the civilians killed, the depleted uranium, our mercenary army running amok and the wiped-off-the-map infrastructure from the countries we've "liberated." More pandering to the military and shots of veterans in the audience. Hey Laura - I've got an idea if you love the military - send your twin daughters you hypocrite!

9:53 - Suddenly Laura's silly husband appears like Big Brother on the gargantuan screen behind her on the stage muttering something about how he's busy responding to a hurricane. How can this guy say this with a straight face after his administrations heckuva-job-Brownie job doing zero about Katrina? I have to turn this off for a few minutes so as not to have my intelligence sucked out of me into the computer screen into the black hole in the president's head. Dubya says something about John McCain being the greatest human that ever lived ever in the entire universe. Now Bush tells his mom and dad in the audience he loves them a lot! Cool! Blah blah front lines ...buildings knocked down by killers...blah John McCain blah blah lead this nation. This is too much to bear. Blah ...enemy prison camp McCain blah etc... beatings in isolation. No Bush is not talking about the torture he approved, he's talking about John McCain being tortured in the Hanoi Hilton. The audience goes wild. More imagery... "West Texas mountain...blah optimistic...blah." Are the Bushes really from Texas I wonder? "Laura has been a great first lady...God bless America." My question: How has she distinguished herself as great at anything?

10:02 PM Eastern - Laura introduces McCain's wife Cindy. Another incredible great unbelievably super-amazing miracle worker Laura Bush tells us. She doesn't tell us how rich McCain's wife is or about how much money she's made selling beer. The monstrous movie screen behind the stage comes to life again and the down-home music comes on again - the titanic image is of God - I mean Ronald Reagan - "who never forgot who he was" the audio says. Well I've heard he might have forgotten a lot of other important stuff because there were rumors of him sleeping in important meetings in the White House while Nancy was at the fortune teller. A good book on this is called "Inside the White House." I mention that book because the author picks on the Clintons too. The American apple-pie video continues with violins and voice over about bringing an end to the "Evil Empire" (applause). Hmm all that work to bring down an evil empire just so it can all get fired up again in 2008.

10:09 - Enter the Fossil-Impressionist Fred Thompson: Senator, actor. His deep reassuring voice is welcomed by a cheering crowd. His voice booms out from the stage - powerful - projected - inspiring - resonating - patriotically saying absolutely nothing. The crowd eats it up. He claims we live in the free-est country in the world... blah blah Washington pundits blah Sunday talk shows blah cocktail circuit. What is this actor talking about? Is he acting now I wonder? What about Habeus Corpus? What about torture? We are free he says. Fred Thompson continues "Teddy Roosevelt...blah...drain that swamp in Washington blah." I'm sorry but the Republicans have had eight years to drain the swamp - and we ended up with Blackwater! Fred tells us that John McCain has the distinction of having earned many demerits at the Naval Academy - he's a rebel that's what makes him great! Ha! I suppose if you can't fix it feature it! Am I to believe they are telling me McCain is great because he's a screw-up? More military war talk. Volunteer, combat, stepping-up, country first - well you know the drill by now. Don't worry about the economy, the illegal war in Iraq based on lies and Osama bin Laden either on the loose or non-existent. Let's talk about the Viet Nam war instead of the war raging right now. Fred Thompson continues with a gut-wrenching story - gruesome details of John McCain's torture - imagine that - the enemy tortures people - he gets choked up describing it. (Or is he acting? The choke-up seemed so well timed) He keeps pouring it on with a humorous punch line on how John McCain beat the torturers in the end by giving them phony info. Hey I don't take any torture lightly - which is why I'd like to know why we Americans are water-boarding people. I've had enough of this snake-oil salesman. I'm turning it off now. OK - just a little while longer.

10:40 I missed the first part of this segment. It is just as well because it's time for Joseph Lieberman - a turncoat who'll accept any invitation to the White House - from any side. Who does this snivel-puss represent? Not I. He snivels " We are all Americans... not Democrats or Republicans... threats from enemies abroad" BS to explain why he is nothing but a turncoat. He'll turn his back on anyone to fight more wars for Israel or raw materials. He has a quote from President Washington - but not the one about avoiding foreign entanglements - somehow the Senator from Israel doesn't remember that one. He snivels on about how he supports John McCain because country matters more than party. I'll say - Israel's needs are more important to this Senator than either the Dems or Republicans. The loud U-S-A chants burst out - Joe interrupts them with more of his sniveling fakery. He lowers his snivel-volume for a minute to sound like he has the voice of a great orator. "Partisan blinders - Americans don't care about having an R or D after your name...put our country first he says" He doesn't tell us which country he is talking about. One should judge this turncoat by his actions. The uninspiring speech continues and the Republicans who couldn't stand this weakling that ran with Al Gore on the Democrat ticket just a short time ago cheer him on with the greatest enthusiasm. The war whoops and hollers continue for the Democrat-turned-"Independent"-speaking at the RNC. Nobody seems to remember Joe Lieberman ran with Al Gore. He keeps saying he's a democrat. This is so, so, so bizarre. He calls Obama a young man who can do good things in the future implying Obama is too young to be prez. So he stabbed Obama's back - what else would one expect from this fraud? The turncoat continues his slamming of Obama and weaves in Clinton to the cheers of the Republican audience. Now he has praise for the Vice Presidential Republican candidate McCain picked. Wow he really likes Republicans all of the sudden. And the audience swallows the bait. I can't watch anymore - has the public no memory? He goes on "National unity not party unity is important, nation at war etc... Another slam on Obama where Senator snagglepuss claims Obama tried to "... cut off funds for troops on the battlefield." The audience gobbles the red meat with a howl of hatred - Wow who else to count on to deliver such a deep vicious stab to a back than this traitor? Well delivered Joe. A self-serving statement to deflect his turncoat behaviour - while plunging a knife into a former colleagues back. He continues with the line from every presidential election "These are not ordinary times..." Yeah Joe, keep'm scared - so we can continue this endless war. A rabbi comes on next but for some reason I didn't catch any Arab man of faith for some balance. The convention is adjourned.

How did we go from Gore/Lieberman to McCain running with Lieberman speaking at the Republican convention to support a war-monger like McCain? Totally strange and fake unless you think about Joe's affinity for war in the Middle East. Consider this article (CLICK) where we read about how great Lieberman will be on the Gore ticket - what a bizarre turn of events. Well maybe not so bizarre for a traitor like Lieberman.


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    1. In the paper linked I noticed:
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      But hasn't it recently been discovered that superluminal signalling is a reality? Perhaps not at the time of the writing of the paper - but if this is indeed the case - what does that mean for the implications presented in the paper?

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      Who to "believe?"

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