VidRant-Congressional Report names ATF persons - Where is the Fast and Furious Justice?

    RJO:  COMMENTER I credit a cherished commenter to this blog (and author) with helping me to identify a key energy source powering my writing:  Anger.   
I'll admit that I can be an angry person.  Maybe it goes back to my childhood - maybe I'm over-sensitive - maybe it's my fault.  I don't care.  I don't want it to go away - in fact - as I look around at my fellow "citizens'" reactions to the abuses of power by their out-of-control government I progress from angry to furious - very fast.  ANGER AS A FLAW 
I am aware that anger is viewed as a character flaw - a state of mind demonstrative of a person not in control of their emotions.  An angry person, according to many experts, can easily be portrayed as "crazy" - "out of control" or "unpredictable."  Angry guys like me are tagged by the propagandists as "dangerous" and "threatening" or in extreme examples "terrorists." CALM IS GOOD IN MOST CASES
You, my cherished reader, may not be a naturally angry person as am I.  I admire that - a little - but with each passing day I become more and more concerned that maybe something isn't wrong with me - but maybe something is wrong with you.  Where is your anger? ANGER MANAGEMENT MEANS USING YOUR ANGER AS A MOTIVATOR FOR PEACEFUL REVOLUTION
Have you heard the term "Anger Management?  I'll take a crack at the meaning of this buzz-phrase:  Anger management is the self-imposed ability to ignore murder, tyranny, government lies, war for profit, pollution or dulling of children's minds, out-of-control corporate propaganda machines, traitorous politicians, predatory corporations, crooked bankers, Israeli-firsters posing as American political leaders, gun-grabbers, TSA gropers, thug police - the list goes on and on and on.  I'm sure you can add many to the list. HAVE YOU GRADUATED FROM SLAVE-SCHOOL?
Do you practice anger management with each passing day as the criminals burrowed into our government release the next BOHICA moment?  Do you feel that boiling face-reddening pressure build as you prepare to eat the next sh#t sandwich from the government leeches that you must pay more taxes for the privilege to arm more military and police officials so they can turn their guns on you.  Do you pride yourself in your ability to stand still without flinching as the next knife-in-the-back stab from our "representatives" plunges in the form of another war we don't need, staged terror attack we must surrender our rights for - manufactured crisis we must sacrifice for - idiotic law we must obey - abuse we must endure -   WHY ARE SO MANY AMERICANS BRAIN-DEAD?
I have to ask - why aren't more of you angry?  And if you are angry - why aren't more of you using that anger as a hint from nature - a clue - a motivator - to speak up, stand up - whatever?
Apologies are in order for those reading this already involved in our new enlightenment - but what about the rest?  Who am I talking about? US COPS PROTECT AND SERVE THE PUPPETMASTERS NOT WE THE PEOPLE
I am talking about cops.  If you are a cop - I am talking to you.  But before we begin - take off your uniform and put on some street clothes, put the gun down - now look in the mirror.  What do you see?  Are you looking at a superior being or a human being?  If you answered the former it would not surprise me - if you answered the latter I ask on what basis you wish to be considered human.  
Without cops willing to ignore the obvious assault on the rights of citizens - it would be impossible for the crooked leeches occupying powerful positions in "our" government to get away with crime.    Yet the crime goes on, the cops make their pot-busts, puff out their chests with the shiny metal objects pinned to it, carry off the protesters, shoot another unarmed citizen, kill another dog - and the rest of you serve and protect by doing NOTHING.  Talk about a bunch of cowards.  If you can't police yourselves - how the heck do you police anybody?  Hypocrisy is bad for credibility - but maybe we can blame the hypocrisy of our cowardly police on the incentive system in which they exist -  INCENTIVE SYSTEMS WORK - BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR...
Incentive systems are very effective.  Behaviours rewarded by the incentive system will be repeated while those behaviours not rewarded cease.  Presently the incentive system in place rewards murderous police with get-out-of-jail-free cards.  Training, weapons and propaganda are used effectively on cops as their personality types long for a feeling to belong, identify with "leaders" and make great followers.  Without bad leadership - bad police would be rare.  But bad police are not rare - they are the rule.  Why? WHO'S TO BLAME?  
To answer why we must look to those keeping the incentive system alive for cops to abuse citizens.  First on the list are YOU and ME.  We allow the police to abuse us.  Why?  Because we know that if we do anything about it - if we talk back we go to jail.  If we shoot back we get executed.  If we are in the right the corporate-controlled propaganda teevee can be counted on to portray us as a "cop-killer" or "terrorist" or "lone nut."  US COURTS ARE AGENTS OF POWER OVER WE THE PEOPLE
Then we come to the courts.  Talk about merchants of misery.  These high-browed and silver-tongued snake-oil salesmen expertly inject themselves into any imaginable situation that offers them an opportunity to redirect money from anywhere into their bank accounts.  The best part is that they, like war profiteers, find opportunities for plunder on both sides of conflict.  Although it is theoretically important for them to offer their services to accuser and accused, reality unmasks any attachment these holy-ones proffer toward justice for all.  We've all heard the phrase "legal but not ethical" right?  Remember always that only a lawyer has the connections to make something unethical legal - thanks to their mastery of our convoluted "justice" system and the stacked deck of marked cards that only they can read.  AMERICAN MILITARY LEADERSHIP OCCUPIED BY PSYCHOPATHS?
Another group of cowards sharing in the destruction of America from within are our heroic military "leaders."  These order-takers have found a niche market in the arms industry - and the mercenary-industrial-complex.  As our republic and its taxpaying citizens are raped yet again for ever more money for these bloodthirsty buccaneers - as nations are robbed of their resources, as our military leaders execute orders to subjugate people and nations that have never meant us harm - these uniformed over-payed boy-scouts reward We The People with their participation in the traitorous actions to transform our once-great-Republic into a police state - turning the very guns WE the People bought them - back on us!   MILITARY IS FOR DESTRUCTION NOT CONSTRUCTION
And we can thank our military for the brainwashing of our troops to the extent that graduates of their schools and veterans of their wars have no qualms about becoming paid mercenaries later - many of which will have no problem killing American citizens when the need arises.  Oh that's right - it had to be active-duty military people that participated in the killing of Anwar-al Alwaki and his son with drone attacks.  No trial - just an execution ordered by the dictator.  Maybe the mercenaries aren't so bad after all?   USELESSVERSITIES
Then we have the universities and their superior intellectuals - people so smart that those of us with only common sense to rely on cannot figure out how they make so much money - go to work every day as professors of law while we no longer have the rule of law in this country.  What exactly do they teach in law school these days?  They cannot possibly have a conversation about Constitutional Law - after all - the commander in chief is allegedly a so-called "Constitutional Scholar" - and he's undoubtedly involved in targeted killing.  CORRUPTION A GIVEN IN LAW - BUT WHAT ABOUT LOGIC?  OK - I'll admit that we know that the law is only meant to suppress We the People, to cow those exercising their right to freedom of speech etc... - but what about simple logical exercises?  How do these overpayed slobs go to work pretending the Constitution matters anymore to the youth of America - c'mon - even the kids know it's bullshit.   BAD EGGS
I think it was Corax (the Crow) - famous law teacher - who taught one of his students law in the Ancient world.  The student made an agreement with Corax that he'd pay the bill for his training in law with the profits from the first case he won.  The student never practiced law so never had to pay Corax.  Corax sued with the judge saying something about the student being a "bad egg from a bad Crow."  Some things never change - except perhaps the judges. JUDGES TODAY VS YESTERDAY
The judge in that case saw the corruption and ....ready for this...acknowledged it.   What's up with our judges today?  They must be, for the most part with a few exceptions, "bad eggs from bad Crows" because if they were not there would be more murderous cops going to jail.  But these robed rulers act as ultimate protectors for the crooks with badges - passing the final judgement - the reward if you will in our failed incentive system of law.  ARTICLE ON FAST AND FURIOUS
Enough of angry ranting - please consider THIS article - see if it makes you a little angry - if so will you act if you can - if not - why?  I will admit that the information presented angered me at least enough to rant:
"A forthcoming congressional report names five senior officials from the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as being ultimately responsible for Operation Fast and Furious.
The 211-page draft report — obtained by The Daily Caller and prepared by staff for House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa and Sen. Chuck Grassley — delves into the actual government wrongdoing that occurred when guns were allowed to “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug cartel operatives.
The five ATF officials Grassley and Issa point to as responsible for Fast and Furious are:
  • William Newell, the special agent in charge of the phoenix field division
  • William McMahon, Newell’s boss who was ATF’s deputy assistant director for field operations
  • Mark Chait, McMahon’s boss who was ATF’s assistant director for field operations
  • William Hoover, ATF’s former deputy director
  • Kenneth Melson, former acting ATF director
Since Fast and Furious broke out as a major national scandal, all five of those ATF leaders have since been reassigned within ATF and the Justice Department.
Two more reports that Issa’s and Grassley’s staffs are working on will detail how political figures in President Obama’s administration were involved in and covered up the scandal."
So We The People will wait and watch, but no longer hope for change.  The names are there - the evidence is there - the structure and mechanism to put these criminals behind bars exists - but WILL YOU ACT?
YOU know who YOU are - it's high noon - your country needs you.
These, too, are times that try our souls* - but first one must have a soul, second one must have courage - and finally - one must act.
What will YOU do?


  1. I have no idea why the text of this rant keeps running together - sorry in advance.

  2. Bush41 started 'Fast and Furious' back in 1952 if not earlier. Got it? Eric 'The Holder' Holder was chosen to be the chump left holding the bag for this enterprise of the Bush criminal cabal when Bush41 retires.

  3. thanks ape: I wonder if it matters whodunnit - the innocent will remain dead and the guilty will get a promotion.

    Thanks for commenting

  4. you should be more angry.... we..are not, nor were we ever... the People. all of this has been a farce... in our face... we are the subjects to we... the People. we never had any standing... they know this. we should be very angry my friend.

  5. Thanks Mel,

    Apologies for dilatory response.

    I am astonished everyday - as I watch my neighbors go to "work" - putting their neighbors in jail - for bullshit ...

    My anger is alive and well - you are right - I should be angry. I'll take the guff for it and the criticism - I consider all of it a compliment - one must always consider the source.

    It is impossible to be abused by the ignorant or cowards. One can only treat them as any other suffering being - try to understand - try to educate - and wonder - as the being led to the watering hole would rather die in servitude than drink.
    I'll never quit trying - but the hysteresis - what will it take ...

  6. It takes Knowing the Truth...

    That's why the "Religion" of the Hate the Truth stool sculpture deity cult...



    3} Operates a "KOSHER" Brothel called CONgress


    Truth is anti-semitic...

    ..."do not I hate them O Lord who hate the...I hate them with a perfect hatred."


    Pslam 139....which is NOT the talmud

  7. We're going to have to find a way to come together.


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