Dare to Taste Liberty! You'll Never Turn Back


Welcome to the Revolution!  

I am an American.  I am NOT a flag-waver, blind-patriot, war-monger, international banker, apologist for murderous cops, my country-right-or-wronger, a republicrat, demopublican or any other canned variety of "great" American - on the contrary - I am of a different breed.  Are you?

1991 was a turning point for me - until then -for my entire life - I'd been a "true American."  Ya' know - a member of this elite club of rugged individualists - free citizens - with a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  It was that simple.  As I lectured some friends of mine - even as late as September 1, 2001: "We Americans, and America....are the "good guys."  Was I wrong?

I still know in my heart - yes that's a weak endorsement - but the flame is still alive - I know that we Americans - all of us - YOU and ME - I don't care if you swam over the Rio Grande yesterday or can prove family history back to the Mayflower - we Americans ARE STILL the "good guys."  But there are problems with such statements because there's a bigger picture out there - people in other countries want liberty too - so for the moment I will dispose of my usual Amero-centric (thank you commenter) viewpoint - and suppose for the moment that we are ALL AMERICANS.

But what is an American?  Why would anyone want to join a club that presently serves as bully-of-the-world?  Give me a chance....

Whoever you are, wherever you are, dear reader - is it safe to say that we all want the same things?  Liberty - freedom of speech - all of the high standards explicated in the American Bill of Rights and Constitution?  Can we agree that we all want a trial if accused of a crime?  Can we all agree that "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me?"  Can we all agree that freedom of speech is essential for a free society - and that individual critical thought as expressed via the spoken or written word must be protected from mob rule so that contrarian opinions, ideas, and facts can have a chance to enlighten the world?  If so - for the moment - can we all pretend for a moment to be "Americans?"

Folks who are recent arrivals to America may find some of our "freedoms" extreme at first - such as the right to bear arms - especially if our recently welcomed citizens haven't yet had enough time to grasp the heritage upon which such seemingly extreme citizens' rights are founded.  It may seem, at first glance, that guns in the hands of the public are a menace.  AFter all - if one relies on corporate-controlled propaganda for their information - a steady bleat of orchestrated events validate that "average Americans" are at the heart of gun violence, mass murder and sundry mayhem.  But the opposite is true - if one takes the time to seek out the answers from the new mainstream media - internet blogs - independent reporters - whistleblowers - writers - the information is available to those seeking answers that our own government is at the heart of the bloodshed and so-called "terrorism" we are supposed to react to mindlessly.  The problem:  A human mind in many cases can only absorb answers to questions it has itself formulated - if one is not asking questions - one may not be seeking answers - so remains trapped in the fake-reality bubble created for them and spoon-fed to them by a criminal-syndicate-run fascist media.  

It is up to YOU, my fellow revolutionary, to dig deep inside - to challenge that well-entrenched belief in authority - to take that first and most difficult step - considering the potential that your own government is run by a criminal gang - just like Al Capone - wearing suits and smiling for the cameras - while their Tommy-gun operatives riddle any and all opposition with a hail of lead - literally killing off the competition - or any wise-ass tax-paying citizen like YOU or ME - with the temerity to challenge their grip on power.


Yes - back in 1991 I had an awakening - thrust upon me by total immersion in another culture - surrounded by people who were not "Americans" as I was then - but were really more "American" than I was.  Debates and conversations with these Euros and especially a particular Canadian - left me with more questions than I had answers for.  Yes - what a gift - to visit Europe - to be challenged not only in my work - but with questions regarding the actions of my country - very good questions that deserved answers - I got right to work when I returned home - only not to find the answers.

I went back to school - I remember during a certain project - I tried to trace the roots of an organization I was working for - a transnational organization - only to find an abyss that became muddled somewhere in New York - the dividing point for certain corporations that spanned the "pond."

I asked professors about the Federal Reserve - about where the money that financed WW2 on both sides came from - things that were only discussed in underground books that had been given to me - only to be rebuffed by professors with doctorates in economics - who dismissed me as if I were not capable of understanding this difficult topic of money - but never convinced me - since I worked on some rather complicated stuff myself in another discipline.  I didn't get my answers - my questions led to ever more questions...the New World Order etc...  

Friends gave me books to read - some claimed that there existed super-governments that really ran everything - I watched the George HW Bush, Clinton, Perot etc... theater - grasping little bits here and there - with each passing year - realizing that so much of what was to come had already been planned.  Some of the old-timers I knew - some of the Vietnam-era vets - told me things that I tried to dismiss - but couldn't - many of these guys had looked out for me as a wet-behind-the-ears "true believer" - never wrecking my love of the liberty American law was supposed to stand for - always encouraging me to stay in the fight and keep the faith - but easing me in a little bit at a time to the nasty undercurrents that existed - giving me peek here and there to the rotten core - a rotten core of corruption, greed, deceit and skullduggery corroborated by too many independent sources.  I wish I could go back and thank those sonofabitches - some of it is just now sinking in...


Once one tastes freedom - there is simply no other way.

Being free - is a "one-way street."  There is no turning back.

Accepting reality is a difficult thing.  Acceptance of the true nature of things - understanding - realizing - concluding - awakening - all find their genesis in asking questions - accepting answers - accepting facts - examining evidence - letting the "chips fall where they may" - admitting we've been duped - these are the roadblocks along Liberty Lane.  

These hurdles are monstrous - frightening at first - sometimes depressing - but that first step - the moment when one says to oneself:  "I'm done with the lies - I cannot live this way - I WILL NOT live this way - I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO GO ON - I WANT MY KIDS TO LIVE IN A BETTER WORLD..." - that is the most difficult hurdle.  Immediately the light of Liberty shines - that feeling of LIBERATION from the servitude of the controlled slave to the empowerment of CITIZEN with RIGHTS - is a feeling that breathes new life into the previously dead.  Will you accept the challenge?  Have you already?


My dear reader - if you are reading this - it is possible, maybe likely that you have been on the fence regarding picking a side in this new Age of Enlightenment - this Awakening - this grand Revolution that will bring peace and prosperity on a scale unimaginable to the war-mongering psychopaths smugly planning their next false-flag, their next economic mess, their next land-grab-for-resources, their next attempt to dupe you into paying for their misadventures that end in poverty, war, disease, destruction and dispair.  None of us "good guys/gals" want that - so all of us must join together to stop it.

It has been my experience that being on the side of what is good and right and just brings meaning to my life.  I encourage you to join the enlightenment - in your own way - the war-mongers and crooks must be brought down.

If you are scared - that's a good thing.  It's a natural feeling - being scared - of the unknown - wondering if one's actions may bring bad "luck" - after all - those presently holding power admit in public that they have murder-lists - right?  Isn't that something to be afraid of?

Yes - and No.  You may already be ON the murder-list.  If not - maybe you'll be put on it tomorrow - for whatever reason.  But what if one of your kids or parents or brothers or sisters or cousins or friends are on it?  Shouldn't you be on the side of the opposition to put an end to such obscene and Kingly assertions of power?  

To hell with it - there is only one way out of this mess - the truth - a return to the rule of law for EVERYONE - not just petty thieves  but for scam-banksters, war-mongers, liars spreading hate and war - TOP-LEVEL usurpers of power that belongs to WE THE PEOPLE.

Patrick Henry said:  "Give me Liberty or Give Me Death."  

Both are better alternatives than servitude - only death is inevitable- the Liberty you'll have to fight for - if not for yourself - do it for your kids.  


  1. Patrick Henry said: "Give me Liberty or Give Me Death."

    But his actions, or rather non-military actions, during the Revolutionary War suggest otherwise. The Gunpowder incident at the outset (which amounted to a negotiated monetary payment demanded from the British that was resolved through an intermediary without conflict over 15 barrels they had seized) was the extent of his wartime bravado. Otherwise he mostly presided as Governor of Virginia. He later opposed the Constitution in favor of the Articles of Confederation that had disenfranchised the poor but flip-flopped to support it so as to avert French Revolution-type unrest among the populace.

  2. Hi GreyLmist,

    I thought Patrick Henry wrote the Anti-Federalist papers - which accurately point out failings of the proposed Constitution at that time - the writings are extensive and worth reading.

    He may have been in favor of the Articles of Confederation rather than the adoption of the proposed Constitution - but this was for good reasons as he thoroughly explains in the Anti-Federalist papers. His warnings show merit - as history has shown his predictions were right about the tendencies of government branches to either take or give away power.

    AS far as his military bravado - he is known for his oratorical skill - I don't hold that against him as all successful revolutions require talented individuals to contribute at all levels and roles required for victory.

    Thank you for commenting - I'll look up the historical incident you mentioned as I've not heard of it before - always a bonus with this blog - learning new things.

    Finally - I don't consider opposition to the constitution - especially at that time - a detriment to a patriot's character - on the contrary - at least he picked a side and got involved to bring about the change he saw fit.

    I will never know what Patrick Henry was like as a person - but a perusal of the anti-federalist papers brought me greater respect than the line mentioned above he is best known for.

    I came away with the impression that Patrick Henry was deeply concerned about the centralization of power in the hands of a few - I wonder if you would agree based upon his writing of the anti-Federalist papers.

  3. ...oh and one other thing about the anti-Federalist papers - Patrick Henry warns the readers about rushing to take a decision as important as the adoption of the proposed Constitution - a sort of "haste makes waste" warning regarding grave decisions that will have lasting and in cases negative impact on liberty - something about not letting the present panic push us into decisions we may regret later - then he explains in detail what those problems with the proposed constitution were...


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