Will TSA use of Naked Body Scanners cause a cancer epidemic? You Decide...Video

Ionizing radiation is BAD for YOU - period.  

Natural law cares not what the TSA says or does - facts remain.  Although the TSA presently exercises the power to fondle your wife and kids at the airport and irradiate them with "harmless" naked body scanners - the TSA does NOT have the power to alter the laws of physics or erase documented medical fact.

Before watching the video below on this serious topic - please consider this recent article regarding the disregard the TSA shows for other laws:

"On August 1, 2012 a federal appeals court ordered the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to clarify why they have yet to comply with a now year-old court decision mandating public hearings on the use of the so-called naked body scanners in airports across the nation.

These hearings were supposed to address the rules and regulations pertaining to the use of these scanners, which have been linked to significant health risks, place quite considerable costs on the taxpayer and most importantly don’t even work as they are supposed to.
Indeed, earlier this year a blogger exposed how easy it is to bypass these scanners while in 2010 an Israeli security expert said, “I don’t know why everybody is running to buy these expensive and useless machines. I can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747.”
In response to the third request from the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit finally stepped up.
In a short order, the court asked why the TSA has yet to follow through with being ordered “to act promptly” and hold public hearings with public adoption of rules and regulations of the use of scanners."

The best protection available from the dangers of ionizing radiation is DISTANCE.  This FACT is (was?) one of the first rules taught to X-ray technologists and other medical professionals in their training for their career using X-ray equipment to produce images of internal structures of their patient's bodies.  Workers learn techniques and proper procedures intended to minimize their exposure to the ionizing radiation necessarily present in their profession.  It should be noted that radiation dose received is cumulative - so every little bit counts when minimizing one's exposure - lead vests, lead thyroid shields, lead gloves and leaded glasses are used when exposure is absolutely unavoidable - such as during fluoroscopic procedures requiring personnel to remain in the lead-lined room while X-ray radiation is being produced.  In the end - your best bet to avoid the dangers of ionizing radiation is to not be around it.

Medical professionals wear radiation-monitoring badges, rings and other devices which serve as radiation-recorders.  These devices are issued to X-ray professionals and worn during work.  Each month a new badge is issued to the worker and the old badge or ring is shipped in a special envelope to a company that extracts the radiation dose accumulated information for analysis.  The X-ray energy and dose absorbed is monitored over time so that a worker exposed to higher than usual doses can be contacted and warned - to find out what happened - how they may have received a higher than normal dose.  Perhaps the X-ray equipment they are working with has missing shielding?.....perhaps the equipment has been calibrated incorrectly?.....perhaps something is wrong with the equipment?  Corrections can be made - action can be taken - the radiation professional can never un-do the dose - but preventative measures can be taken to prevent re-occurence.

Have you ever wondered why you can't buy your own CT scanner (which uses X-rays to produce the image)?  How about your own X-ray room so you can take your own radiographs?  Why do you think a dentist will use a lead apron to cover your body when taking a radiograph of your teeth?  Did you ever wonder why everyone leaves the room to press the exposure button on an X-ray unit you were positioned on to find out if you broke your arm?  Ionizing radiation is harmful, but the risks are weighed vs. the benefits hoped for when the medical circumstances require.  Regardless - questions still remain regarding the risk/reward ratio in some cases.

I find it appalling that the TSA has escaped the legal system in their present use of devices (useless) to irradiate the public - especially kids.  The eyes and thyroid are most vulnerable to ionizing radiation - but don't forget the reproductive organs.

Are you surprised that the medical community hasn't sounded more of an outcry given their extensive knowledge and training in the dangers of exposure to ionizing radiation?  Hmmmm - what does that say about the medical community as a whole regarding their interest in public safety?   

So the questions remain:  Are TSA scanners safe?  What type of radiation are they using?  How are the systems calibrated?  Are TSA workers wearing monitoring badges or other equipment to ensure their safety?  Should medical professionals that wear a radiation monitoring device at work also wear one at the airport?  Who is responsible for calibrating the scanners, with what equipment, following what procedure - and where are the calibration documents for their calibration equipment? How much dose have you, reader, received already if you have been through these scanners?  Why are these scanners still in use when they have been proven useless?  Finally - If "our" big-brother/nanny government cares so much about our safety, Why don't they care about radiation safety?  It's absurd!

There are reports that mobile vans are presently in use that surreptitiously see through vehicles in the relentless search for the ghost of bin Laden and his accomplices - who with each passing day - morph into a new profile - a profile resembling YOU and ME - as we ask ourselves why we are going along with this madness.
I hope you find this video useful as you seek your own answers...


  1. America, the altricial. The main problem with affecting change to save the union is that most all Americans have never been mugged before and they think they can change the station and it will all go away. Like Chauncey Gardener in 'Being There', they really haven't a clue that they must react, but unlike Chauncey Gardener, they will end up in FEMA labor camps if they do not get down to business.

  2. The TSA hasn't responded because they know that by the time the hearings take place, martial law will be in effect and we'll be using military courts, who won't require the hearings.

  3. Two words: Ziogog Michael Chertoff has someone by the short hairs and is making out like the bandit he is.

    Money, bribery, blackmail, and batcrap crazy is the new "normal".

    It might take a few years, but the TSA guinea pigs will be the first to tell the whole story
    when they start dropping like flies.

    A term that comes to mind is "poetic justice".

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