Letting Go


The time has come to let go.  Of what?

That depends upon who/whom one is.  But in the end it doesn't matter.

We all know the chains that bind us.  But what are they binding us to?  Is "it" really important to us ?  Of course "it" is important but why?

These questions are personal and deep - interpersonal and complicated - but regardless of our efforts to maintain them, ignore them, excuse them - none of it matters - that facts remain - and the conclusions are always the same - out of our control.

Fighting for freedom is a thankless and unprofitable venture - we all know that - none of us care or ever did care - but that fact must be reckoned with in the end - or somewhere in the middle of the battle - I'm there.

It will soon be time to surrender the last of my properties I fought my entire prime years for - and.....although the wall I helped to build outside the house, and the driveway I compliment myself with inventing and designing on this miserable hill - the same one the county f'd up and couldn't ever grade right that my Dad came up with a solution for that I paid for the construction of - the end is - nobody gives a fuck.  I know all of that and welcome the acknowledgement that nobody cares - after all - I never cared if anybody cared in the first place.

But there are those counting on me as a breadwinner - those still not aware of the seriousness of the wreckage-yard amerika will becokome - and I mean in addition to the shit-heap it is now.....

Slowly - they are all getting on board as they feel the grip of the lynch-noose of the slavemasters they and I work for.  The management - wow - in more hostile times - probably would have been killed by now - but not in 2012 - we are civilized now - and cowed - to where these sick fucks in middle management can make the most dangerous and absurd demands upon professionals like me - and when I reply:  "Hey - somebody might get hurt or killed" I am rewarded with a poorly written reprimand written by illiterates that don't know the difference between "except" and "accept" - well - we are certainly in a world of hurt.  But - it looks like the neighbors like it that way - so let's keep doing it.

And let's invade Iran - for nothing other than some sick conquest - let's ignore the slaughter of innocents - and write it all off to "them" praying to another God - one different from the one I could never understand at the Holy Rosary Roman Catholic church when I was  a kid - scared out of my mind by the statues and shadows and the cross and the Latin blah blah  blah.  I shit you not - my brother used to carry me out from falling asleep or feignting in church during these mind-fucking masses in Latin - Father Ko*&*^ or whatever his name was - my mother hated the guy.  I don't know any more than that.  The nuns were nice to me.  I hated the place and once old enough to hide behind the church, keep the collection money, and lie effectively enough to make it seem like I went to church with money left over for tootsie-rolls on the way home - I'd perfected my experience with the Church.

But I wonder what the heck happened?  All those God-fearing people- well=versed in the teachings of the prophets and the Bible and all this "Good" stuff - how could they all send their sons and daughters to war against people we'd never been harmed by?

I just don't understand how anyone will go to Church - this coming Sunday - preach what has become, to me at least, BULLSHIT, and go to sleep at night feeling that they left their kids brighter.

What kind of a monster teaches "thou shalt not commit murder" then allows their kid to "commit murder" against the children of a nation that never meant out nation harm?  Shouldn't those kids actually be spending time together talking about the great world ahead of them - rather than methods of collecting body parts from a bomb scene to put 'em back together?

Shouldn't these young folks be sharing the histories of their ancestors - debating the origins of mankind - the theories out there - the mysteries of our beginnings - the vastness of it all?

Or should they practice their marksmanship - so they can put a bullet in the chest of a possible classmate ?

The person/s responsible for these "meaningless" decisions - are/is YOU>
 You can either have these young folks murder each other - by force - enforced by coercion by YOU and the filthy lying corrupt government YOU allowed and participated in OR...

YOU can understand that there are times in life to "let IT GO" WHATEVER that means to you - and just let it all go -move on - life will catch up with you quickly to reward you and yours beyond your wildest dreams.

The secret is out - the first to recognize that the pendulum is swinging back 'the other way' will be the first t feel the golden age......

A golden age upon us - already - 

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