US Attack on Iran = Attempted National Suicide (Or is that the Plan?)

There's lot's of pressure for the US to attack Iran.  What a dumb idea.

Consider this recent article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:  link Here

"Netanyahu is not alone. He has the american neoconservatives in his corner. The american neoconservatives are as crazed as Netanyahu. They believe in nuclear war and are itching to nuke some Muslim country and then get on to nuking Russia and China. It is amazing that no more than two or three dozen people have the fate of the entire world in their hands.

The Democratic Party is helpless before them.

The Republican Party is their vehicle.

The Russians, watching Netanyahu push Washington toward dangerous confrontations keep raising their voices about the danger of nuclear war.

On May 17 Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned the West against launching “hasty wars,” which could result “although I do not want to scare anyone” in “the use of a nuclear weapon.”

On November 30 of last year the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia warned of nuclear war with NATO. General Nikolai Makarov said that NATO’s eastward expansion meant that the risk of Russia coming into conflict with NATO had “risen sharply.” General Makarov said, “I do not rule out local and regional armed conflicts developing into a large-scale war, including using nuclear weapons.”"
Whistleblowers have blown the whistle - only to be silenced by various means.  Their numbers are few compared to the vast now-awake participants in the Murder Inc. better known as the US military-industrial complex.  We all know this.  But what are the possible consequences of "going along to get along?"  They are grave.  
If you wish to denigrate Scott Ritter - good luck.  Disposing of personal attacks against the man - he was right about everything he said regarding the phantom WMD "our" "leaders" used as a pretext to commit genocide in Iraq and elsewhere.
I ask you reader, for a moment if you are so inclined, to dismiss knee-jerk "conspiracy theory" allegations that the wars America has engaged and is engaged in are part of a master plan - and listen to General Wesley Clark:
"I don't know" isn't an acceptable answer - to me at least - for committing to war.  History shows that it is fine with US military upper management - after all look where we are today.
Yes we are suffering from the Trillions wasted on these wars of aggression - and yes many are suffering the losses of their loved ones.  But such suffering is hardly expressed with the intensity such loss merits by "our" "mainstream" corporate media.  Just the opposite - they are complicit as pep-rally cheerleaders, and as usual from the sidelines of the bloodbaths - for yet more of the same - waste, poverty, ignorance, debt, blood, hatred and more war.
But for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  As I contemplate the meaning of this simple natural law - my concern regarding the what-ifs and possibilities for coming attractions to the amerikan public have me shaking in my sandals.
Over the past week stories circulated in the blogosphere of a Russian sub with long-range missiles aboard patrolling the Gulf of Mexico.  You may wish to read more HERE about Senator Cornyn's concerns:
Dear Admiral Greenert:

According to press reports, a Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine recently traveled undetected in the Gulf of Mexico on a month-long patrol. This submarine activity reportedly occurred in June and July, simultaneously with incursions by Russian strategic bombers into restricted U.S. airspace.

If these reports are accurate, the repercussions are serious. It is my understanding that an Akula-class submarine can be armed with an array of weapons, including torpedoes and long-range cruise missiles, capable of destroying both U.S. nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers.

The submarine patrol, taken together with the air incursions, seems to represent a more aggressive and destabilizing Russian military stance that could pose risks to our national security. This is especially troubling given the drastic defense cuts sought by President Obama, which include reductions in funding for antisubmarine defense systems.

In light of the gravity of this situation, I request a detailed explanation of the facts surrounding these reports. Thank you for your faithful service to our nation, your dedication to our Armed Forces, and your commitment to ensuring the welfare of our men and women in uniform and their families."

I don't know whether or not this information has merit - after all - if the premise of the Senator's concerns is that we aren't spending enough on the military - I'd say he's off his rocker.  
Our government and the media their paymasters own is so untrustworthy - stories like this one about a Russian sub may be the product of a public relations team intent on winning an election through the tactics of fear-mongering.  It's been an effective tactic - until now - conning the public into paying for  their sanguinary crusade.
But what if it is true?  What if there are other "threats" our military is unaware of - prepared long in advance by those we are about to attack - waiting for the moment amerika decides it is time to put a gun to their own head and attack Iran?
It seems reasonable that foreign agencies have seen the videos posted above - including the one by General Clark - and asked themselves the question:  "What if?"
I have zero confidence in "our" "leaders" and "our" military and "our" protectors in the armed forces and law enforcement.  Consider the following video where police use a fellow human being as a bullet-catcher:

These animals wearing uniforms have become the prison-guards of the cowed population of former amerikan "citizens."
The well-armed thugs would gain ever more power should any attack occur on the "homeland" - providing an unlimited opportunity for a final police-state lockdown of power over We the People.  
That is exactly the plan - and that plan unfolds with each passing day.
The public has been successfully conditioned to witness the most egregious murders by those tasked with their protection - because this agenda of world-conquest MUST GO ON - whether YOU like it or not.  But YOU will have to pay for it - and the only way to keep you humping off to your three jobs will be by force of arms.
Is there any good news?  There always is - people are waking up - people are speaking publicly about these previously unconscionable possibilities - that WE THE PEOPLE - are witnessing the betrayal by our government of the principles we are supposed to stand for.
Without liberty at home there can be no liberty abroad.  Without justice for all there is no justice.  
Here in Virginia, a former Marine was jailed LINK HERE OR HERE for posting opinions regarding 911-inside-job and revolution on his social networking site.  The cops aided the Feds - demonstrating by their actions - that the police will, like good little doggies do whatever they are told.  
"Raub's mother said he returned about a year ago after serving in Afghanistan (after serving in Iraq) and did not suffer from PTSD.

The Chesterfield PD told us that the situation "was an FBI matter and we were just there to assist them" so it could not provide us with an official reason why Raub was detained.

Raub's mother said that an FBI agent told her Raub was "arrested by the Chesterfield police department" because he "assaulted an officer and resisted arrest," then asked her if Raub "was having any issues relating to people" and told her that "the threats he was making were terrorist in nature."

When asked the Chesterfield PD said Raub has not been charged with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

The FBI and Secret Service will not be available for comment until Monday morning."

Although all the facts aren't all out yet - the trend is that the propaganda and guns are being turned inward on the "big mouths" and Constitutionalists attempting to bring our fellow citizens' attention to these grave matters.  Where there's smoke there's fire.  I haven't seen any "Moon landing deniers" locked up recently have you?  Why  is the "belief" that 911 was an inside job such a dangerous thought?  (Whatever that means.) Consider the vid below - why is someone "crazy" for asking how somebody can say "pullit" or "abracadabra" to make a building collapse like it was previously wired with demolition charges?  Sounds like a pretty sane question to me.  
The theory of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) seems like a good one to me.  Please consider the following vid (thanks Chimp planet) and ask yourself if people willing to murder their fellow citizens with such weapons are mentally stable.  
Why does our government openly claim the right to MURDER YOU or ME without charges - has been doing it - yet pretend that they are somehow interested in our well-being?  Both cannot be true.
When "our" "leaders" are MURDERERS - don't they really belong in JAIL?  
Does it make sense to give psychopaths and murderers money to arm themselves with "lawyers, guns, and money" that will be used for our own enslavement?
That's the plan as I see it.  If you can't see it now - won't look at it - won't even consider it - the plan will succeed. But by then, your servitude may be too far along to make a U-turn in your or your children's lifetime.
It's time for the "only stupid question" to be the question unasked AGAIN - and for those of you reading this to put your "big girl pants" on, quit crying "the sky is falling" - quit using words you don't understand like "terrorist" - and have these adult conversations NOW.

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