Thanks to Alex Jones for supporting Rutherford Institute and Brandon Raub

This is a powerful statement that raises important questions - and demands swift actions.....link here

"The petition is so devoid of any factual allegations that it could not be reasonably expected to give rise to a case or controversy," said the release order signed by Sharrett, vacating the order of Special Justice Walter Douglas Stokes to detain Raub for 30 days. Stokes, who presides over commitment hearings, also ordered Raub's transfer to the VA hospital in Salem, about 180 miles from his home. Judge Sharrett said he was shocked to find the commitment order contained no grounds for holding Raub."

I've picked on Alex Jones in the past - but that is because I have assigned myself the position -  official gadfly - to keep everyone to the same standards.

Who am I to judge anyone?  Just another taxpaying American citizen.

I've heard all kinds of criticism of Alex Jones - but it is absurd to conclude anything - in my evaluation at least - but that Alex is doing everything he can - more than most - and beating the formerly "mainstream media" literally to death with truth.

His organization is growing and is one of several key players reshaping the battlefield upon which we infowarriors fight.  Success speaks for itself  - as evidenced by the actions of the former dominators of the media - as they incorporate Alex's media products into their info-menu. 

 The video linked below is yet another example that Alex is supporting our troops, not with a bumper sticker, but with timely information where one of OUR MARINE VETERANS was locked up without reason or facts - Brandon Raub - by FBI and local police in Virginia.

Alex brings much-needed attention to the Rutherford Institute and Brandon Raub's case at a this critical time - a time of power-grabs by those intent on disposing of the Bill of Rights.  

I also applaud Judge W. Allan Sharrett for doing the right thing in this case - and hope the Judge does not face harassment for standing up for ALL OF OUR RIGHTS.  

After you watch the excellent interview below I ask you, reader, to consider some questions that arise from this incident* :  

1.   "Something's happened to the police" John Whitehead says in the interview.  Is it possible that the psychological testing used in the past to vet police candidates has been abandoned for a process that favors hiring psychopaths?

2.  "How can we support the Rutherford Institute?" - the answer is DONATIONS from YOU.  Your financial support is required if the Rutherford Institute is to continue their work.  

3.  Why are the participants of Brandon Raub's arrest* - FBI and police in the video - not charged with false arrest?  After all, Judge  W. Allan Sharrett stated that there was no factual basis to Brandon Raub's arrest.

4.  WHO ordered this arrest?  Yes - the FBI and local cops are responsible for actually arresting Brandon Raub - but who gave the orders?  If these orders were not based in fact - then what were the charges based upon?  

5.  If there was no factual basis to Brandon Raub's arrest - on what information were the conclusions of the government psychologists based on?  Why are they not held accountable?  

6.  Why haven't the local police and police chief that justified and participated in this illegal arrest not fired?  Since they have demonstrated via their ACTIONS that they are not concerned with facts when executing arrest orders - shouldn't we ignore their WORDS and fire them RIGHT NOW to SET THE EXAMPLE THAT ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT PARTICIPATING IN ILLEGAL ARRESTS  WILL BE TERMINATED.

7.  If the second judge found that there were NO FACTS to support Brandon Raub's arrest - upon what did the first judge that locked him up base his decision?

8.  Since the question "Have you been committed to the custody of the commissioner of behavioral health and developmental services?" appears on the Virginia application to obtain a concealed carry permit - and some other questions implying mental health - isn't it logical to suspect that such arrests under mental health pretexts are a great way to ensure that "unpopular speakers" can be preemptively disarmed by smearing them with such charges?

9.  Why hasn't there been an immediate inquiry into those submitting false charges against an innocent Marine veteran who did us all a favor by exercising unpopular free speech?  Why?  

I found the following video originally HERE at Prison Planet - with direct link to Ytube for your convenience.

Arrest video shows those Feds and police willingly participating in Brandon Raub's arrest.

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