Thanks to Glenn Beck

I offer an olive branch to Glenn Beck - there is a lot in this video - too much to discuss - 

Thanks Glenn Beck for bringing exposure to an important issue - the illegal arrest of one of OUR TROOPS - Glenn shows by his actions in this vid, that he is supporting our troops by bringing current updated information to his audience.

I disagree with Glenn on many issues - but - in the time that has passed since I wrote an article abusing him for nothing more than exercising his own freedom of speech in a certain video - I hear contrition in Glenn's words.  Giving some ground somewhere takes guts.  

Just as Glenn Beck has demonstrated that he is willing to give a little ground if those he is trying to come to terms with - to understand - to find a way to live together - if that is what Glenn Beck is really all about - then - I admit I have the same goals as Glenn Beck.  

...and - I admit that my mind has changed on some HUGE issues I was just as vocal about, passionate about - as Glenn Beck was.

There is no way for all of us to come together to find a peaceful and prosperous future - no terrorism, no war, not hate - it's all a waste - maybe we can all agree on that and find a way to make it happen.

So...there it is from one of the biggest Glenn Beck critics - and I'll remain to be one - as I am of myself too -

If the vid doesn't load here's where I first found it:


 Thanks as well to the Rutherford Institute and our courageous Marine veteran for standing up for the 1st Amendment - for all of us.  

-----Note:  Trust, but verify

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