Another coupla' good 911 videos: Why is this not discussed more?

I've always stuck with building 7 being a standard controlled demo - but stayed away from the twin towers because they didn't seem to come down in an explainable way.  In my opinion Dr. Judy Wood has presented a good case for non-publicly-known technology to have been employed.

I have never believed that tower one and two were standard controlled demo - and this evidence supports that belief.  It is sad that science remains an exercise in politics in this country - and indeed - the world.  And if we allow politics to dominate science we will remain blind to the truth.

Here's another good video.  The gentleman presents a good question:  What exactly is happening to that gigantic steel building component?  It appears to dissolve.  He's also right about the so-called gatekeepers.  Ad hom attacks are logical fallacies.  Ad hom attacks disqualify those using them to "discredit" others who are exercising their right to free speech - attempting to take advantage of the FACT that what the truthseeker mentions may be highly UNPOPULAR speech.  Ad hom attacks are the sign of the propagandist.

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