I Guess it's time for a False Flag attack again

Will they keep their promise of mushroom clouds?

The Globalists must have their war!

Yes many have awakened - for that I am thankful.  For all the latecomers out there - Welcome!  Now the work begins.

You know how all those countries we've been flattening and burning all these years have shown great restraint and have not really shot back?  Now it's our turn because the false flag is coming.

There is no way out for the would-be world slave drivers.  They are not running out of time - they are OUT of TIME.  That means desperation.  What does an animal do when cornered?  That depends on the animal  - or psychopath in this case.

The public is determined to stop the madness - the attempted lie to bring America overtly into Syria has failed - and along with it - has unmasked the perps.  They are in big trouble - so they have to go for the public stampede again.  This usually comes in the form of a false flag attack.  This means they will do something here in the United States - blame the mess on the enemy and get us all riled up so we back their plans for conflict.  This is where patience comes in -a patience we can learn from those who have been suffering at our hands for many years.

If/when this false flag occurs - whether it be a nuclear attack in Charleston harbor as reported here:

"Graham told reporters in Goose Creek on Tuesday that taking action against Syria in response to the situation is not a question of yes or no, but rather a question of bad or worse choices.
He says if there is no U.S. response, Iran will not believe America’s resolve to block Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Graham also says those nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbor."
or as reported here (vid)  - regardless - in whatever form a false-flag attack is attempted - we must first STOP - and examine all the evidence.  Very carefully because this is the big one.  We must not be fooled again or we become the fools.
The false flag will most likely be done in such a way that the crisis does not go to waste - in other words someone will benefit in the long run.  No I don't mean the mercenaries - I mean other monied interests - those who need to get something done in a shorter period time using public funds than is presently possible.  Just like in New York city - new buildings erected after old buildings were demolished - with big insurance payoffs to boot.  In New Orleans after Katrina gambling was quickly brought ashore.  What will be the reach-around this time?  Here is some speculation:
"CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has completed the field studies needed for the $350 million deepening of the Charleston Harbor shipping channel.
The data will now be analyzed so the federal agency can issue a draft environmental impact statement on the project next year.
The final studies were completed during the last two weeks when samples were taken of the harbor bottom.
Project manager Brian Williams said Friday those samples were taken as far as 15 miles offshore. The hardest material found was a consolidation of sand, shells and sediment. He says that indicates no blasting will likely be needed.
Maritime interests want the channel deepened to 50 feet to handle larger container ships that will call when the widened Panama Canal opens in 2015"
Yes - this may all sound a little crazy but what the heck.  With the fake news media supplying the information what is one to do except speculate based upon past events?  
I agree with those mentioning the possibility of "loose nukes" being used to stage a false flag.  Check out the links above  - they are not fear-mongering in my opinion.  Such false-flag attacks are a matter of history in this country going back a long way.  And if you don't think they'll use nukes here in the 'states don't kid yourself.
Think about what it takes to wake up a public that has faced attempts to legalize war crimes, torture, the murder of its own citizens without trial - and is repeatedly caught lying to stampede the public.  Also consider that even the mass murder of children and torture no longer get much more than a raised eyebrow from the public.  The problem facing the super-criminals is one of degree - the ante has been raised to where if they don't put on a show more spectacular than the last - there is not enough manufactured consent to get on with their next scheme.
Another false flag possibility raised is the blackout.  An event occurs where communications are cut - power is lost - and the whole mess is blamed on the next manufactured enemy.  Demolished equipment can be restored after the fact with yet more of your confiscated tax dollars while intra-country communications from pesky bloggers and sundry truthtellers are silenced for awhile.  This leaves the perps plenty of time to get on with the business of making more blood money.
No matter what happens - patience and care are the only good way out of this mess we are in.  We must rally around the Bill of Rights - and make sure our decisions in the future are based on sound information that will result in a brighter future for us all.
UPDATE Sept. 8, 2013

Graham's Hawkish Posture Confronts War-Weary Voters in South Carolina

  "I believe that if we get Syria wrong, within six months -- and you can quote me on this," Graham said, pausing for dramatic effect. "There will be a war between Iran and Israel over their nuclear program."

But it wouldn't even end there, Graham surmised. Undoubtedly, he said ominously, the Iranians would share its nuclear technology with U.S. enemies.
"My fear is that it won't come to America on top of a missile, it'll come in the belly of a ship in the Charleston or New York harbor," he said."


  1. Don't say globalists, say Zionist criminal network, the coming World Govt will be Talmudic and as their book says, "the surviving Goy will be slaves to Jews".

    Do faceless venture capitalists own your business and workplace, think about it.

  2. The other possibility is an Israeli attack on US shipping. The Israeli history of false flag attacks needs no clarification.

  3. I remember some news years ago (maybe even 10) that there would be a nuke false flag in Charleston harbour....something to do with one of those bombs that went missing by the Air Force years ago. I recall the same news mentioning Portland OR. also. I'll try to find those old articles.

  4. Try San Antonio, Las Vegas and Seattle. "The Deal" was made in the 60's. 50 years into a 100 year spell. The expiration date for that conjuration performed in the Halls of Black and White cubes is Dec. 23, 2013. With copper ingots they bound sweat and blood of the planet in order to propel Caligastia's plan of accelerated spiritual evolution.

    Peace be with you,


  5. "Globalists" is just a euphemism for cowardly writers to describe Zionist Jews.

  6. Mikey: If you send those articles I'll link them - the old ones about Charleston and Portland - it would be appreciated.

    Yes I remember the nukes going missing - there's probably an article or two on this blog from that incident - I have no idea how to find that needle in this haystack.

    I especially appreciate the anonymous comment at 7:30 calling me a coward - thanks! I would ask anonymous to consider that regardless of the name you call something - that thing remains what it was.

    I don't care who is doing the false flags - I want it all stopped - and it has been my experience that name-calling and generalizations alienate those ensnared in the generalization you might have been able to wake up.

    It is impossible for "all" or "everyone" of any stripe to all be the same. Once again - when these types of comments come up - the issue gets side-tracked which is why I try to stick to terms that are appealing to We the People - not particular interest groups. We all want the madness to stop.


  7. Yes anonymous regarding the false flag on a ship - I wrote a post about that awhile back - thought they'd do that back when they were selling the attack on Iran a little while ago. Fire a missile into some obsolete scow and blame the Iranians - probably was more trouble than they would have gained.

    But I agree - yes - anything to get the war going.



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