Attacking Syria: Big Mistake

Alan Grayson provides clear direction regarding the current desire to attack yet another country on the list.

Pitting the US military against yet another country that has never attacked us makes absolutely no sense.  But the military-industrial-banking complex needs to keep it all going - with no end in site.

Aren't you tired of the piled-up bodies?  The shattered lives?  Why is nobody talking about American POWs?  Let me guess - this is the first war in history with no POWs.  Ha ha ha.  Yeah - and I just got off the turnip wagon yesterday.

As more and more of our military speak out against this - a disturbing trend grows - where We the People are not doing our job to represent our supposedly civilian-controlled military here on the "homeland."  We are too busy pissing in our pants when the hall monitors at the airports tell us to "spread um" while they irradiate and search our children and arrest seniors stuck in wheelchairs.  Land of the free and home of the brave?  Where?

That our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are put in a position to speak out against a war - because We the People have abandoned them to the fate of mere mercenaries to be abused by an "elite" crowd of psychopathic warmongers is disgraceful.  Everybody knows this is yet another war of terror and we are the terrorists if we let it happen.

That the USA is a gigantic hollywood production is no longer a secret.  We've been lied to about everything - in fact - I cannot remember the last shred of reality we've got from the corporate pentagon media or this failed Federal dictatorship.  It is time for Congress to act like men (the women too) and stop this madness now.  Next round up the perps that started all of this and lock there asses up before they cause more death and destruction.  They are frittering away our futures, monopolizing high tech for their own selfish reasons and treating We the People - the hands that feed them - like an Animal Farm George Orwell depicted long ago.

If you haven't read it already:  here's the game plan. Click here for PNAC plan we are experiencing right now.  There's the plan folks - right in black and white - didn't the news media read this?  If they did why are they so shocked shocked shocked every time the warmongers move to the next step in the plan.  In previous posts I've shown Wes Clark talking about this plan as mentioned to him years ago.  Why don't YOU know about it?  What are YOU doing to stop it?

You've heard of blowback - well - go ahead with this attack on Syria - waste more lives - but the chickens WILL come home to roost.  Take a look to your left - take a look to your right - imagine it all bombed out and bodies piled up everywhere.  It CAN happen here - and if we don't stop bombing everyone else when they have not attacked us - on what grounds to you stand to ask them not to bomb you back?

It is time to rebuild America returning to the rule of law - and that goes for EVERYBODY.  There will be NO PARDONS for the PNAC perps.  Law enforcement in this country has a lot of guns, tanks, APCs and swagger - well boys - get off your asses and find the folks that signed that PNAC document and start asking them and their accomplices exactly where all the evidence is to back up their assaults.  Use those skills you claim you have for snooping out all the crime - starting right at the top.  Like listening in on phone calls?  Well get busy - or are you afraid of all those high priced lawyers - or have you been spending too much time reading Cass Sunstein's bullshit about "false conspiracy theories?"

Better get busy and get the work done - or the time for Natural Law will arrive - whether you like it or not to balance things out.  And yes - they want your daughters too.

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