Damage Control: The Public doesn't want this war in Syria!

A quick look around the internet news shows the usual suspects beating the drums of war - but the people aren't buying it.  After all we are dealing with Syrial liars.

I chuckled when I read this story:

     "Veteran journalist Douglas Frantz is joining the State Department as assistant secretary of state for public affairs, according to a source familiar with the move. An official announcement is expected Tuesday.
This will be Frantz’s second time working under Secretary of State John Kerry. In 2009, Frantz was hired as an investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by then-Sen. Kerry (D-Mass.)"
Is it fair to say that once you "join" the state department you are now a propagandist and not a journalist?  And with any new hire I have to ask the question:  "What happened to the last guy?" (that occupied the position.)  I guess the last propagandist was transferred back into one of the "news" outlets to deliver the drivel since he wasn't so good at concocting it.
What is going on with this Syria business?  Since I've watched this movie before it's pretty simple.  Disrupt a nation using whatever means necessary - install controllable yes-men - move on to the next victim.
It is as simple as that.  The damage control has begun as the gullibility of the American public shifts away from "What's a Syria?" to "Why am I so broke and they have money for another war?" to "Why does my daughter have to pull her pants down at the airport in front of a bunch of out-of-work fast-food employees?" to "They changed their story six times - even I know that is a sign of deceit."
The essential ingredient now mixed into the propaganda formula is public INTEREST.  The public is now interested enough to stop for a few minutes between ball game innings to really look - just for a second at why their daughter may have to take up target shooting instead of studying just in case she has to get shipped off to another foreign adventure.  This interest is becoming a big problem as the propagandists - overpaid and lacking creativity have discovered too late that they should have hired new writers when they were told to.  The public bores easily and the same re-runs to sell the war were working well enough - but the critical mass has been building - and now even the military - yes that military that did all these dirty deeds for these psychopathic war-mongers - even the military is awake.  That's saying a lot - since they live an insular existence and are cared for they way all mushrooms are cared for before being eaten.
I came across this video where a brave Hillary Mann Leveritt faces down a mini-flock of sheep.  It's funny that the brave ones are always the ones trying to talk sense to the people -warning them that war is still hell while the fake sophisticados like that MSNBC guy pretend that they asked any questions about the stampede fomented to start the fiasco in Iraq.    Take a peek:
There's a saying:  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  The adage doesn't cover levels of foolishness extending to being lied to 7 times or more - at that point you have to acknowledge insanity - there's no way out of that.  And that is precisely what we are dealing with.  Do you remember this "regrettable" lecture from one of our uniformed heroes?  

What about all those mushroom clouds?  What about just a short time ago - even here in Charlottesville, Virginia on the local radio they had the lobbyists from 2 hours north of here shilling for a "pre-emptive" attack on Iran before they annihilated us?  Where was the emergency? It didn't exist - it was simply another act in a play - where 7 countries were supposed to get knocked off in 5 years and the corporate thieves, liars, murderers and bankers would ride off into the sunset with all our money - leaving us with not enough pennies to bury the dead with dignity.
I have an idea.  Send some Americans over there to talk to these people - clearly define what exactly are "our" interests in the region - and butt OUT.  It is not Constitutional to meddle in the affairs of other countries and it is immoral and illegal to start wars.  It is also disgusting.  
I'm old-fashioned.  I still think murder is wrong and ought to remain illegal - at every level and on every scale.  
Round up the PNAC perps.  Bring an end to this sanguinary business labeled "War on Terror" by ending our own acts of terror.
Not one more life for one more lie.  

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