Definition of Religion

What is Religion?    ........ organized one-mindedness


  1. Religion: Quest For Holy Spirit

    No Jack: ck ur dictionary; religion, strictly speaking, is simply the integration of the whole mentality upon some precepts, including not only the intellect (which always tends to dominate), but also pervading throughout the subconscious too.

    Note then REASON (and science and logic) is a religion too, long as it pervades throughout the subconscious--relatively rare in people, u'll notice--and this was held as great virtue by Greeks, as this reason lends for calmness of spirit, health, wisdom, etc.

    Thus as Christ is TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the Holy Spirit is (a) reason, (b) honesty, and (c) integrity, being the synthesis of the first two throughout the spirit, conscious and subconscious, Holy Spirit being that means by which one apprehends TRUTH.

    Remember, reason by itself isn't sufficient--as there are lots of smart folks who yet aren't HONEST. Then there are some honest folks, who yet aren't too smart.

    Thus religion (the true sort) is such a sublime thing which people revere and respect. Religion then, is the effort to achieve Holy Spirit.

    1. So yes, I guess, it could also be thought of as "one-mindedness"--BUT of the proper sort.

      And of course, it can, and most often, is mis-understood, as I noted, so many morons imagining it's anti-rationalist--esp. like the "Judeo-Christian" puke who pretend Christ was "Jew," and that Jews are same as Israelites.

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  2. But I want to make my own definition.

    Perhaps I should say that the PROBLEM with religion is that it is a mechanism for organizing oneness of thought.


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