Definition of Stereotype

A Stereotype is intuitively statistically probable.


  1. a "stereo-type" is a generalization, hence it would indeed be intuitive and probable, too. "Statistically" would also have to follow too, in logic. But I don't know further where u want to go w. it. U must be smoking some good stuff, eh?--wish I was too, by golly.

    1. The thought came while reviewing a documentary on the Spanish Civil War. A period that resembles our predicament here in the states in so many ways.

      I wonder where your experience with "smoking good stuff" comes from ...

    2. Proper Historical Parallel Is Christian Revolution Of St. Constantine

      Well, I guess u can just keep "wondering." Ur blog here began about "stereo-types," and now we see ur pt., which seems to be comparison of USA w. Spanish Civ. War.

      I think there's parallel of USA w. Spanish Civ. war when u consider the Jew element--which is/was present in both instances.

      There's a patriot element, like the "libertarians, which is still partial/sympathetic to Jews--UNFORTUNATELY, and this is a great problem. For Jews are the enemy, the primary enemy, and the morons who stick w. the Jews are Jews strongest weapon, along w. their money.

      I always emphasize things cultural for this great conflict now in USA beginning in broadest cultural terms, Christian vs. Jew/Pharisaic, Christians standing for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jews and their lies (JOHN 8:44).

      Then most specifically, the conflict has to do w. the criminal element behind US Federal Reserve COUNTERFEITING scam, led by Jews, but also including quite a few dupes.

      The majority of folks, I'm afraid, are still grossly, pathetically IGNORANT of both the large general ideals involved AS WELL as the more specific problem regarding the money issue.

      Thus Jews are desperately trying to get us involved in larger wars, like now in Iraq and Syria, but also in Ukraine, as we see--these wars will allow Jews to keeping things muddied so the fools won't understand the criminal Fed fraud, and how Jews hope to bring-in foreign troops against American people, also quite possibly using exotic weapons, like HAARP and perhaps EMP, or the directed-energy weapon that dustified the WTC towers.

      Instead of the Spanish Civ. war instance, I pt. to the original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, focusing attn. on the real enemies of humanity, Jews and their collaborators, the ideals being Christian TRUTH based upon the determined, objective reality (Aristotle), vs. Lies founded in subjectivism (hence Plato), hubris, pretended "good-evil" Pharisaism based upon fallacious God-like, perfectly "free" human will. Keep up ur good work. A.

    3. The Spanish Civ wr had some parallels - one I found amazing was that of all the factions in the beginning of the conflict - it ended up with just two fighting each other in the end - with the usual international meddling.

      The people were in need of food - which brought up the disputes about property since people need land if they are to grow their own food. Property had ended in in too few hands - natural law took over as dictated by the hungry bellies of the kids I suppose. EVentually a mother is going to grab a knife or club or gun to get her kid fed. Same thing happened in France to the "let them eat cake" bitch - another completely out-of-touch aristocrat.

      Sound like history is indeed repeating -

      As for the involvement of Jews - I still think it is necessary to distinguish the Zionists vs. people who just exercise faith.

      Here's an example - one of my buddies told me in conversation that he is married to a Jew. Uncovering this fact didn't change my appreciation of his talents. Should it?

    4. Jews Are Scum, Period--Makes No Diff. Whether "Zionist" Or Not--Ck Talmud

      Jack: there's NO essential diff. btwn Zionist and Jew--ck the Talmud, for goodness sakes--what good is giving u references if u don't ck them out. Talmud is definitive--it says what Jews are and what they're supposed to do--ENSLAVE AND KILL GOYIM (non-Jews).

      Zionist merely means nationalist, Jews still hate humanity and love lies. See RevisionistReview.blogspot.com and Come-and-hear.com for Talmudic expo.

      Ur buddy is a traitor--I don't know about his "talents."

      Generations hence should learn and know that Jews LOST--that they're now non-existent. Thus Jews must not be allowed to vote, hold office, or pro-create.

    5. ...but Apsterian, you have no way to positively ID a "Jew" no matter what you do. Even if you got one to admit it they might be lying to cover for a real Jew.


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  2. Apsterian:
    Please give me time to test your theory. Maybe he is an unwitting traitor if he didn't know that his wife was that bad...

    I gotta' think about this...


    1. I have to reject this theory - a traitor is defined already in the Constitution. He doesn't meet the standard.



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