Eric Garner aftermath


  1. JR: Part Of The Problem

    Well JR, I only wonder why u posted this vid--was it because NO ONE bothered to try CPR?--seems like they might have at least tried, including the scum paramedics--what puke.

    It turns out it was all because the guy was selling "lucies"--loose single cigs--can u imagine that?--INCREDIBLE. How many times have I seen people selling single cigs, and now ZOG demands tax be charged upon that too?

    And the Pharisaic Satanists (JEWS) are the ones behind this crap--including the CPS people who took that couple's kids--why?--because they (the couple) chose home birthing.

    Judaism = satanism, and u're part of the problem, JR, for not grasping this. YES, people are befuddled and dis-organized--just like kikes want it--and they (the befuddled masses) go for it, allowing things to happen in this way--these befuddled including ESPECIALLY such as urself, JR, who pretends u know anything, like "God-given rights."

    Further, u follow, in ur sublime stupidity, the JEW version of "Christianity"--esp. in the way of "faith" of "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'," imagining that if u "believe" enough, well hey, it's true. And it doesn't occur to u THIS IS THE JEW VERSION OF "religion"--what Christianity was supposed (and still is) to be AGAINST, Christianity meant to defend rationality AGAINST Jew mysticism and subjectivism, they really being same things.

    Our former civilization used to HATE KIKES programmatically--it was tradition--that scummy filth, kikes, now have no less than 3 and quite possibly 4 members on US supreme ct.--is that an outrage?

    These filthy, putrid scum--Jews--nothing but stinking recipients of Christian charity now mass-murder Christians at will, so called "Christians" eagerly voting whatever way Jew filth tells them.

    What an INCREDIBLE, absolutely astounding REVERSAL and turn of events, Jews filth and scum lording it, ruling over dis-organized, de-moralized, stupid gentiles, partly and largely DUE TO SCUM like u, JR, kikes' best friend, eh?--thinking u're sooooooo clever for babbling about "God-given rights."

    And the ONLY way--the ONLY way--things are going to turn for the better is by facing-up to this Jew affliction and scourge; people have to UNITE against Jews and their cohorts/collaborators--and best way, if not the only way, to doing this is by the Christian instrument of unification by means of appeal to emotions/sentiment.

    Christianity is magnificent thing, properly understood, and it worked before to free humanity of this Jew (and accomplices) scourge. Thus Christianity, properly understood, is two concurrent things (a) anti-semitic, and (b) rational--this (rational part) is what boggles so many people's minds, I'm afraid, and lots of folks are going to have to suffer very very much before the idea begins to getting across.

    U have to get over the idea that u're "trying"--u've got to start doing some succeeding--and if u think Christianity is anything other than the OPPOSITE, the anti-thesis of filthy, putrid satanism called Judaism, then u're hopelessly and perhaps fatally stuck and mired down--u've got to start getting a clue.

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  2. Apsterian,

    Yes - that is precisely why I posted it.

    I have to read th


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