U.S. Corporate Media: Irrelevant and Orwellivant

The moth returns to the candle flame.

brian williams - still orwellivant

The public mind is shifting as some sort of awakening seems to be in progress.  Really.

The conversations I'm having with folks tell me that the public is indeed beginning to wake up.  People of all stripes are having rather civilized discussions, sometimes heated, then ending somewhere in the middle.

These discussions I've been present for and some that I've participated in are encouraging to say the least.  The topics are sometimes political addressing some of what I consider to be the more important issues facing this nation today.  Like what?

One world government or the "New World Order" comes up a lot as the citizens of these United States are having discussions about topics that a short time  ago were completely taboo.  Consumers are transforming into citizens, sometimes right before my eyes as they are exposed to new ideas or ideas that they had heard rumors about but didn't know whether or not these ideas had any merit.

It is now possible to discuss the questions surrounding the events of September 11, 2001 where unanswered questions haunt the liars that fed the official story to the animals living in this modern version of Orwell's "Animal Farm."  If one is well-informed it has become possible to have an adult conversation about the 911 attacks without the "debunkers" or whatever they are attacking reflexively.      Now people act differently where they will listen to arguments/questions and mentally digest them - perhaps not ready to "believe" the monstrosity of the lies that face us - but leave when the conversation is over with their own questions.  It is surprising which events or questions or anomalies  contradicting the official pack of lies will awaken various people.  Many of these discussions remind me how many questions I never thought to ask myself about this pivotal event that our nation just won't let go.  The cover-up was and is still, excellent, as the public ignorance regarding WTC7 proves.  Although we don't have a government capable of addressing this crime of the century perhaps the new awareness will contribute to further progress when the next false-flag attack occurs.

Although the media would like us to accept that 911 is a done deal and the perps got away with the crime we find over and over again that this topic will just not die.  And it can't because it is THE event upon which just about every change we are experiencing now is based.  All of the feather-fluffing at the airports, the checkpoints on the highway, the severe and ridiculous militarization of our police forces which some call a standing army (I agree) - all of these negatives that undermine the American way of liberty come into question.

Recently there has been a media feeding frenzy surrounding a story that Brian Williams lied about being in a helicopter under fire during one of the military adventures our military industrial complex relies on so heavily for their blood profits.  I've not believed anything out of Brian Williams' mouth since I wised up to 911 which led to my personal research journey into other scams inflicted on the public.  Brian Williams never reported on any of the real issues facing the nation so when I heard he finally got caught in a lie it didn't surprise me.  I've always felt he's been guilty along with the rest of the blabbermouths on teevee of lying at least by omission.  Whether or not Brian lied about something is also in question as it is being reported by the same media that lied via omission along with him to the public and consumed our airwaves with drivel while real questions about real crimes went unasked on the teeVee set.  Here is a bit from an article where a pilot at the center of the controversy contradicts our favorite feel-good teevee personality's story :

"After landing, we learned that the parked aircraft had received small-arms fire and had been hit with an RPG on their mission.
Brian Williams and crew recorded footage of this parked aircraft. The “Big Windy” aircraft was not part of our unit. It was not part of our flight. We were not flying “behind” them. Our missions were completely separate.
Brian Williams began to tell the story, from 2003, that the lead aircraft in our flight had received this ground fire.
This was not true."
OK - so what?  Brian Williams has done nothing to deliver good relevant information to the public anyway - just the babble his bosses told him to report minus any real issues that I'm sure he isn't dumb enough to discount.
This media has been at the epicenter of America's decline.  Not to give American journalists all the credit for venality there is an interesting article featuring the editor of a German newspaper admitting that he planted stories in his newspaper for the CIA.  His book cover not yet translated into English...

Bought Journalists

Is this such a big surprise?  People will tell you  that they already know that these things are going on but do they really grasp the seriousness and extent of it?  I don't think so.  Here is a snippet from the article:

"Ulfkotte says that remorse of having “lied” to mass audiences over the years drove him to come forward. He told RI that he was:
“taught to lie, to betray and not to tell the truth to the public.”
Ulfkotte says:
“I’m ashamed I was part of it. Unfortunately I cannot reverse this.”
Among the admissions that Ulfkotte makes in the interview are putting his own name to articles completely written by intelligence agencies. He said:
“I ended up publishing articles under my own name written by agents of the CIA and other intelligence services, especially the German secret service.”
Ulfkotte detailed the pattern of cajolery and outright bribery used by the CIA and other US-allied intelligence agencies, for the purpose of advancing political agendas. "

The media situation is still abysmal in this nation.  I repeatedly hear folks telling me that they are disappointed about some small fact misreported by their favorite news organization and I have to restrain myself from jumping in to give them ten more examples about higher crimes.

Why is the media so important?  Why is the media too important to remain in the control of a few greedy hands?  Consider what  Jefferson said so eloquently :

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. "

If the media feeds lies to the public we end up with a "garbage in garbage out" situation where the public endlessly runs around in circles arguing with each other about non-issues while the real issues that are at the heart of our common challenges remain  undebated.  I can't stop noticing how foolish the FBI and other Groupmind-alphabet-agencies of dubious character make public claims about this danger or that - while they NEVER do anything about 911.  That's what I call ZERO credibility.  And what kind of grown-ups get on TV and scare the kids about these boogeyman terrorists all the time?  Shouldn't good parents show their kids "not to be afraid of the dark" and "the bigger they are the harder they fall" etc...?  I guess not anymore.  These people go to work and ignore the bigger picture - many claiming there is nothing they can do.  My answer:  "BS.  Quit."  Pretty simple.  Find something else to do.  Why are you working there?  And why did Dan Rather report that the FBI provided the stuff to blow up the World Trade Center the first time?  You see - these are the kinds of questions absent in the mainstream media.  That's why guys like Brian Williams just don't matter - unless you need to know a good hairdresser - 'cause Brian Williams always has a kickass haircut.

These media people have a look that says:  "Hi - I report "news" "reports" on stuff that is, for the most part, untrue" written all over them.   They talk the same, dress the same, look the same.  I remember years ago when I would still look at the teevee news that there was some newscaster that was on a lot on one of the "big" mainstream stations and when the guy quit or was fired he was replaced with someone who looked exactly like him.  I remember doing a "double-take" looking at the television screen when the news was on a teevee I was walking past that had the news on.  The similarity the new puppet-mouth had to the old puppet-mouth was astonishing.  They were like these Star Trek re-dos where they have an actor that looks so much like the Shatner-Kirk that you have to look twice.  I guess that's about right because both are so obviously fake.

Counting Votes in America
Furthermore a media that doesn't report the facts is almost as dangerous as the one we have now.  A pre-packaged planned media that not only fails to report relevant information to the electorate but has now become a staged panic-management system feeding the mushroom masses a fetid stew -poisoning their minds to keep them in the dark about laws, crimes or misdeeds that serve the oligarchs and screw over We the People.

But the media is not the only challenge that faces us.  We are also faced with a broken vote-counting system that fails to provide a paper receipt or other mechanism that makes the vote transparent.

Every person I've asked that uses a cash machine has responded "No" when I've asked them if they've ever received a single dollar that didn't belong to them from a bank automatic teller machine.  Don't forget that the automatic teller machine has an additional task a voting machine doesn't need to do - it must accurately dispense exactly the right amount of currency to the customer in addition to providing a receipt and maintaining security and accountability.


I say "let them in."  Why?  Because those folks down South have tried to start their own peaceful governments and rumor has it, since I cannot depend on any mainstream media outlets, strictly internet - it seems that our government has been busy overthrowing the leaders selected or elected by people in other countries.  When those people flee those countries to come to the United States I say "welcome."  They clean the place I live in.  They cleaned other places I've lived and never stole anything.  That's a better record than many businesspeople I've dealt with.  Maybe things will change for the better.  At least when they see something wrong they do something about it even if it means leaving their country to come here.  Isn't it fair to allow a person to leave their country to come here and live if we're the ones that destroyed the place they grew up in?  Poetic justice?

False Flag coming?

The is the Modus Operandi of those pushing our buttons here in the 'States and it seems, in many places in the world.  Something gets "attacked" then the government that can't mail a letter suddenly becomes hyper-efficient and immediately pulls out some pre-written legislation which is signed into law before anybody has any kind of adult debate about the new laws in public.  I submit that this practice of policymaking that is contrary to the well-being of the citizenry - especially when based on lies based on false-flag attacks - is a recipe for disaster.

America is no more when the Bill of Rights and Constitution are routinely ignored.  Is that a bad thing?  You should judge for yourself but if you have taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic your first duty is to inform yourself.  You must start with a study of Groupthink and other know hazards related to working in a group environment.  You must determine to the best of your ability whether or not you are contributing to a country "Of the people, by the people, and for the people."  That is what the government was created for - or perhaps that was only what was told to the citizens - not sure - maybe that was a lie too - but at some point the other party that has a contract with America called the Constitution+Bill of Rights has to keep their end of the bargain - and that means ALL OF US.

It is difficult, sometimes, when it is time to pay up on a bet.  We all place bets on different things - sometimes we win and sometimes we "lose."  (I don't believe we ever lose unless we, ourselves, look at a situation that way but anyway...)  Sometimes the sacrifice we must make personally is different from the sacrifice we thought we were signing up for.  This is true - but there is a happier life in doing the right thing and suffering the so-called loss that may come in return.

Some challenges I can cite from the discussions I've had and some of this writing is that I never understood how hard it would be to try to get somebody just to look at something - and how difficult it is to take on three people in a discussion where you yourself are called a "conspiracy theorist" by people who can normally think logically and rationally on just about every other topic.  You too may have felt this if you are a "truther " of sorts as is one of the propaganda labels people may have pinned on you.  But as time goes on and the truth comes out - perhaps you may feel satisfaction in being free from fantasyland.

Will there be a false flag coming?  There almost has to be - and it almost has to have elements of the military and police and government, and news media involved working together.  That's the way things are being run now.  The fact that there are American citizens involved is the sad part.

I could never understand how an American could be involved in bombing their own nation.  Then aiding in the cover-up of the crime - then lying to the citizens - including new generations of children that will live a life based upon the most vile lies.  Perhaps my unwillingness at first to accept that there are people that will do such things - and still are people to commit these acts - and that they are at the ready was what took so long for me to finally admit to myself that things as presented to me on the teevee were outright lies.  I understand now.  I no longer maintain such fantasies that our government and media are run by anything other than greedy war-mongers and war-profiteers - people who don't believe the rest of us need to have facts and unrigged elections.

America will be saved if the media does its job.  That means the internet must remain unfettered by censorship so everyone can have an outlet.  Censorship is immature and unbecoming of a nation of free people.  Give me all the facts and I'll make up my own mind thank you.

Maybe Brian Williams should have just done his job  and taken the heat from the beginning.  He would have been fired long ago if he had reported relevant facts and spoken truth to power.  But he didn't - he did what many members of his audience are doing - doing what is wrong instead of what is right - clinging to a guilty present instead of facing the music now and just saying "no" I won't lie to the public and I won't aid any effort to lie to the public.  But we all know a good steady job is worth its weight in gold right?  Maybe more?  I hope whatever it was that kept Brian Williams in line all these years was worth it to him.

There are no easy answers but we are talking.   That means we can still rely on each other even if we can't rely on Brian Williams.


  1. Integral Cultural Progress Must Be Basis Of Political Reform For Good, Production, Law, Freedom, Etc.

    Well JR, it took u long enough for resting-up for vacation. The way I see the present cultural struggle and conflict is fm most simple perspective first, Christian truth vs. satanic lies, the Jews foremost masterminds in leadership of satanists.

    And before u protest u want to keeping things rationalistic, note Christian and satanist are mere names referring to opposed philosophic sides, Christians heeding the objective, hence determined reality, there being no "good-evil"; the satanists, led by Jews insisting upon the subjectivist, manipulating folks by chief means of fallacious, hereticalist "good-evil" delusion.

    Note then satanists have gone beyond pt. of no-return, and that means they must get us all involved in war--this as means of diversion--in order to muddy the waters as US Dollar collapses and prices sky-rocket, the people starving, un-able to buying sufficient food.

    So even without I-net, people must commune w. one another by means of Christian philosophy, relying upon state and local gov. against the satanic feds. Thus Constitution, rule-of-law, and individual freedom follow fm the Christian, objective reality philosophy as fascism flows fm the Judaic subjective.

    But present Christianity must be clarified and in many cases reformed fm the tainted Judaization whence Christianity is understood as something mystic (a), "faith" understood in the Judaic manner of "beleeeeeeeeevin'" rather than the real, proper Christian LOYALTY (b), and hence (c) the Judaic reification of fictional, metaphoric "good-evil" heresy/delusion which has such devastating effect upon psychology of guilt-ridden youth.

    Otherwise, satanism, hence mysticism and irrationalism continues to advance as we see by the recent grammy awards "entertainment" which emphasized such satanic mysticism and irrationalism, not to mention the "super bowl" half-time entertainment of Katy Perry, et al.

    Note individual freedom, the free press, fair election process and such-like virtues cannot be impressed upon the broad population without the accompanying religious-style symbolism--precisely why such religion must be so carefully defined and understood. Satanists led by Jew monsters must be understood as the deserving enemy and duly dealt with.

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  2. HI Apsterian,

    You show great patience.

    Christian values. This comes up a lot - I'm waiting to see if it bears fruit because, as usual, we are living in "interesting times" - times requiring citizens to show how good they really are.

    I am waiting to see how many self-proclaimed Christians I know will follow their own commandments "That shalt not be a liar" and stop teaching their own children that kerosene melts steel. (That is a 911 reference.)

    This hypocrisy that exists, in fact, aside from the belief system is a tough nut to crack. I do agree that Christian values - these ideals - are important and are at the roots of much good in this world - in my own life, in this nation.

    I have much to say on this topic of religious belief systems.



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