What's Wrong with this Picture?

Independent, Republican, or Democrat - please look at these two stories and contemplate our situation.
(CLICK) For record profits at Exxon - nothing wrong with that I agree but...

(CLICK) here to see life in Detroit - can we all at least agree that there has to be some middle ground here in America?
UPDATE Feb 26, 09 Exxon sticks it to Alaskans like they do to everybody - except themselves


Time's Up Obama - Yes Already - on Torture

Obama was elected to restore America's place as our world's beacon of Hope. Will he? I suppose it depends on what one hopes for. Let's start with torture. Torture is sick. Torture (CLICK) doesn't work. Torturers who've stained America must be brought to justice. I hope those who've chosen torture will be brought to justice by Barack Obama - immediately. Failure to act resolutely and swiftly with actions demonstrating that America is better than torture will be part of a myriad of small cuts that eventually bleed America to death.

This is easy - torture is not an American value. I don't care what the reason, circumstance ... anything - not only is torture something Americans don't do - torture is something Americans (CLICK)sacrifice their lives to prevent and stop! Did you hear that? Torture is contrary to everything American starting with the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

"Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."

Can we find precedents from American history to demonstrate our founders really meant what they said by backing it up with action? Perhaps a snippet from (CLICK)A Military Journal During the American Revolutionary War, from 1775 to 1783 by James Thacher M.D. would help show that torture is un-American (not to mention sick) from page 67:
"A number of Hessians and Waldeckers have fallen into our hands. The German officers and soldiers, by a finesse of the British, to increase their ferocity, had been led to believe that Americans are savages and barbarians, and if taken, their men would have their bodies stuck full of pieces of dry wood, and in that manner burnt to death. But they were very agreeably disappointed, and much pleased, on meeting civil and kind treatment. "

So even during the Revolutionary war there was no need to torture prisoners. But there is now? Why?

Perhaps a more recent (CLICK) reference would be helpful. In this piece from Raw Story we find:
"A few weeks ago, George Washington University Constitutional Law professor Jonathan Turley, while appearing on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, essentially said that the Obama administration would "own" any war crimes -- such as the reported waterboarding of 9/11 suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed -- if it chose to look the other way."

I've heard from Obama supporters I know personally how smart Obama is regarding law. Time to show us how smart you are Barack! Show us what a great leader you are. Show us how you will bring change we can believe in. Actions, not words, are needed to show not only Americans, but the world, that America will not stand for human rights violations.

UPDATE Jan 28, 2009
(CLICK) Torture strengthens our "enemies'" resolve
UPDATE Jan 28, 2009 Raw Story...Holder made deal not to prosecute for torture?
UPDATE Jan 28, 2009 Cernig: Nixon's Lawyer Are We Civilized Enough to Prosecute for Torture?
UPDATE Feb 1, 2009 (CLICK) Link from reader Ian - thanks Ian
Detainees continue to rot
Ridge says torture was wrong - defends endless undefinable "War on Terror"
UPDATE MARCH 9, 2009 Thomas R. Eddlem from AntiWar.com
UPDATE MAR 16, 2009 Red Cross graphic report: Torture methods explained
UPDATE APRIL 10, 2009 Hope Abandoned - Obama prevents access to torture memos
UPDATE APRIL 16, 2009 Obama will do NOTHING
UPDATE APRIL 17, 2009 BUSH admin used Bugs to torture? SICK - Obama does NADA
UPDATE APRIL 17, 2009 W - The Torture Decider - McGovern


Now what Exactly was the change you Obama voters hoped for?

I didn't vote for President Obama because he had no track record proving to me that his actions matched campaign promises. I voted for the promises Dubya made eight or so years ago (more humbler foreign policy being one I fell for) and found out the hard way that talk is cheap - it is action that really matters. I can't think of a single promise kept from the Bush campaign - I can't think of anything done by the Bush administration that helped anyone I personally know anywhere. That is a universal statement - and I mean it. That, I think, is saying a lot.

Fast forward to the Obama campaign. Perhaps you've heard the saying that "a sure sign of insanity is repeating the same action while expecting a different outcome each time." My lesson learned - don't vote for promises - vote on proven track records - don't make the same mistake twice. I supported Ron Paul based on his consistent record of action matching principals and promises. But forget that for now - Obama was elected - he's OUR president - yours and mine. (Apologies to non-American readers) I want to join the Obama supporters in supporting our new president. So far I don't think I can. Why?

Because the signs I've seen so far like (CLICK) this article where we read:
"Speaking to the State Department after Richard Holbrooke was appointed Special US Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Obama said the worsening situation in the region poses a grave threat to what he called 'global security.'

"Afghanistan and Pakistan are the central front in the America's war against terrorism and the deteriorating situation in the region poses a grave threat to the global security. It's an international challenge of the highest order. That's why we are pursuing a careful review of our policy."

One problem I have with the statement above is the phrase "war against terrorism" which is really meaningless - or can mean anything anyone wants it to mean. It is a propagandistic phrase that we are all supposed to pretend we understand while none of us can define. I had hoped Obama was smart enough to understand that as someone said "a problem properly defined is half solved." What kind of problem statement is "war against terrorism?" What about things the U.S. military does that terrorize our foes? Are we at war against that terrorism too? This is not a word game - this is propaganda for public consumption - I'm not buying it.

Here's another reason I'm concerned that Obama isn't changing much regarding America's empire-oriented foreign policy. (CLICK) This article reports:
"At least seven people were killed, most of them foreigners, in a suspected US missile strike in northwest Pakistan, bringing to 15 the number killed in such attacks on Friday, officials said.
Friday's suspected US missile strikes were the first since US President Barack Obama took office in Washington and came one day after he appointed veteran diplomat Richard Holbrooke special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan."

Then I came across this video regarding the banking situation and those Obama has appointed to key positions:

I also found (CLICK) this article by Grossman describing appointments made by Obama regarding the military-industrial-scientific complex.

Here is (CLICK) another article reporting on troop buildups coming for Afghanistan. Why? What is the mission?

We also know Obama appointed Rahm Emanuel, a former Israeli soldier, as the second most powerful man in the country. I don't see how change will come to America's policy toward Israel - a policy I disagree with very much since it seems so one-sided. If you don't think Rahm was in the Israeli military, watch this video where he doesn't deny it:

Now I ask you, reader, if you voted for Obama, are these moves representative of the change you voted for? Do you believe these initial moves are helping America? Why? How? Help me to understand exactly what it is you had hoped Obama would change because so far I see more of the same.

I would appreciate comments - I'm not picking a fight - but I would love to get on board with the "change we can believe in."
UPDATE January 24, 2009 Change you can believe in - but I can't------------
So Obama did order the strikes
January 26, 2009 Obama reverses Bush cruel and unusual policies I suppose we should somehow be excited that our military won't torture people anymore. This ought to never have happened in the first place so I'm not calling this progress.
UPDATE January 27, 2009 Is Obama really stopping all American-initiated torture? An article by Prof. James Hill-Obama's Torture Loopholes
UPDATE Feb 8, 09 Afghanistan Ramp-UP under Obama WHAT IS THE MISSION?
UPDATE Feb 15, 2009 Obama bombs again-27 corpses this time in Pakistan
More attacks on Pakistanis - why?
Obama must not like Pakistanis
Years in Afghanistan
Obama's War-Margolis
Drone bombings inside Pakistan to continue under Obama

+++look HERE for fascinating way to decode nonverbal cues of eye movement+++
UPDATE MAR 16, 2009 Change vets can quit hoping for
UPDATE MAR 16, 2009 Raytheon Lobbyist hired by Obama at time=3:14 on video
UPDTE MAR 26, 2009 Pakistan bombed again by USA drones-Obama is commander in chief
UPDATE MAR 27,2009 Obama not pulling troops out of Iraq
UPDATE MAR 29, 2009 Obama town hall questioners campaign backers
UPDATE APRIL 6, 2009 Obama Admin. shares Bush Admin. view on wiretapping
UPDATE APRIL 6, 2009 Bush to Obama transition continues agenda
UPDATE APRIL 9, 2009 Turley slams Obama admin for continue Bush spying

UPDATE APRIL 11, 2009 Growing Anger at US Killings in Afghanistan
UPDATE APRIL 11, 2009 US military admits killing mother, children
UPDATE APRIL 13, 2009 Predator drones kill a lot of civilians
UPDATE APRIL 13, 2009 Obama = Bush on spying on Americans
UPDATE MAY 8, 2009 Afghans Riot after U.S. Airstrike Atrocity
UPDATE JUNE 5, 2009 Internet shutdown by FEDS
UPDATE JUNE 19, 2009 26 more dead civilians due to US military airstrikes
UPDATE JUNE 22, 2009 In a Stark Legal Turnaround, Obama resembles Bush
UPDATE JUNE 24, 2009 US missile strike kills 60 at Paki funeral
UPDATE JUNE 26, 2009 Paki Prime Minister asks Obama stop drone attacks
UPDATE JUNE 26, 2009 BRAUCHLI -White House Visitors -Secret
Update june 29, 2006

UPDATE JUNE 29, 2009 Obama admin. shuts down 911 families lawsuit
UPDATE JULY 12, 2009 Drones hardly ever kill bad guys
UPDATE JULY 20, 2009 NO-BID CONTRACTS awarded despite pledges
UPDATE JULY 20, 2009 Protects assassination squads?
Obama vs. Transparency on torture
UPDATE AUGUST 3, 2009 About 90 killed as NATO hits Afghan fuel trucks
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 Missile kills 4 in Pakistan; 18 die in stampede
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 Americans never see the blood
Drone Strikes in Pakistan - Now that's a lotta dead people!


OK Muslims - Your turn to police yourselves-link to video

I wouldn't be fair if I didn't call attention to another religious zealot - this time on the Islamic side - making statements that should be condemned by people sharing his faith who claim Islam is a peaceful religion. From the article:
"A MELBOURNE Islamic cleric has told his male followers they can force their wives to have sex and hit them if
they are disobedient."

You can read the article and see the linked video about this Islamic cleric Samir Abu Hamza (HERE) . I can only take this article and video at face value - is it true?

As an American I must say again that I don't care what your religion is - this kind of talk from representatives of any religion destroys any chance of winning over the hearts and minds of ... well...me. I can't speak for anyone else but I think it is reasonable to conclude others will share my reaction. Where is the outcry from the Islamic community to prove this man isn't your representative? What are the rest of us supposed to think?


Actions Speak Louder Than Words-Helen Thomas

It's official - Obama is now President of the U.S.. The torture president and his accomplice have left the White House. Now what?

Almost everyone is full of hope. Personally I don't play that game anymore. I agree with Helen Thomas - I want to see action.

Obama's inaugural speech (Click Here) is comforting, to me at least, because he mentions an intent to adhere to the founding documents as he leads the country into a brighter future - and hopefully restores America's role in the world as "Good Guy."

But I'll wait to see where Obama stands on important issues like holding the Bush administration accountable for misdeeds like torture, and 911 truth . Those issues will tell me whether we are looking at true change. If these issues are not addressed one must wonder why. I urge the reader to consider these important points as the hype recedes and reality returns. Actions speak louder than words.

Put me on record as being in agreement with this journalist:

UPDATE GW Blog - Continuity of Govt.- another good test
Good Ideas - Harvey Wasserman
Obama makes previous prez's documents public
January 22, 2009 Very encouraging Obama anti-secrecy moves


Can Americans have an Empire and Eat Too?

Jan 19,2009 170 Million Dollar Inauguration amidst financial crisis?

Each passing day brings gloomy economic news for Americans. Rumors of coming desperate measures surface as citizens speculate about what actions the U.S. Federal government will take.

Prominent writers spell out the case for economic collapse in America. While our government persists with bailouts, one accurate forecaster of our present situation, Peter Schiff, in a recent article, says:

"The unpleasant reality is that years of bad monetary and fiscal policy have over encumbered our economy with debt and undermined our industrial capacity. The sooner we can begin to repair the damages, the sooner we can right the ship. If instead we merely administer more of the same, the ship will sink in a sea of inflation."


But what is Obama's economic plan? Here (CLICK PDF) you can read it for yourself. It sounds very promising. For example here is one:
"Create Fund to Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosures: In addition to taking important steps to prevent mortgage fraud from occurring in the future, Barack Obama will establish policies to help Americans currently facing foreclosure through no fault of their own." Later "The fund will also assist individuals who purchased homes that are simply too expensive for their income levels by helping to sell their homes."

Wait...through no fault of their own? Who's fault is it then? Mine? Here is another:
"Provide Middle Class Americans Tax Relief
Provide a Tax Cut for Working Families: Barack Obama will restore fairness to the tax code and provide
150 million workers the tax relief they deserve. Obama will create a new “Making Work Pay” tax credit of up
to $500 per person, or $1,000 per working family."

Again - stop and think - if the country is in such dire economic trouble how are we going to continue current spending while lowering taxes? How can we increase government programs, provide bailouts and maintain our global empire without eventually having to actually pay for all of it? Ron Paul recently spoke on this topic:

Americans voted for, and hope for change. But already, as pointed out by Jeremy Scahill here (CLICK) it seems Americans may be in for more reruns from past administrations and lip service. An excerpt:
"But the best immediate indicator of what an Obama administration might look like can be found in the people he surrounds himself with and who he appoints to his Cabinet. And, frankly, when it comes to foreign policy, it is not looking good."

Peter Schiff has doubts about planned government action too:

Regardless of government action - we're all really on our own. Pain-free solutions to colossal problems seem against the laws of nature. Perhaps the best advice is the Boy Scout motto: "Be Prepared."


Amero, North American Union - What're the Facts?


JULY 7, 2009 Paul Joseph Watson on Senate Blocking Fed audit - Why???
APRIL 30, 2009

JAN 16, 09 Blog article
Gold confiscation coming?
The US Economy is being marched to the Gallows
Paul Craig Roberts goes through the numbers
Kurt Nimmo on this topic
Snopes article
Boston.com says there is no such thing
Financial Times on world govt.
Marketwatch - how realistic is a North American Currency?
NAFTAs Dangerous Security Agenda
UPDATE FEB 8, 2009 WTO chief warns of unrest Where is his role defined in the U.S. Constitution?
UPDATE MARCH 19, 2009 Kremlin to pitch new currency at G20
UPDATE APRIL 3, 2009 G20 still a Conspiracy Theory?
UPDATE APRIL 6, 2009 Telegraph article on IMF/EU - can this happen to USA?
UPDATE APRIL 6, 2009 Geithner's slip re One World Currency?

Have you heard rumors circulating about the North American Union? Have you heard rumors about the "Amero?" Have you heard rumors of the New World Order? Here are some thoughts and links I hope you will find useful in your search for the truth.

The North American Union is the subject of "conspiracy theory." The idea is that the United States, Mexico, and Canada will be merged into a superstate. The implication is that there will no longer be a Canada, United States, or Mexico - there will be one giant country sharing a common currency called the "Amero." Part of this plan is to build a gigantic highway (Trans-Texas Corridor) that links from Mexican ports, through the center of the U.S. up to Canada. The beneficiaries of this superstate will be big business, with a trend toward the "New World Order" or world government.

The first place one may wish to look is HERE (CLICK) at the SPP.GOV website to see what the U.S. government has to say about this. They have a "myths and facts" section you may wish to peruse. The webpage describes a harmless move toward harmonization. But is everyone discussing this NAU as calm and unexcited as the people that put the SPP.GOV website together? No, they are not. Here is a video of Stan Jones on C-SPAN delivering a speech that introduced the author to the term "Amero" - I was alarmed when I saw the video:

I wondered why a candidate for Senator of Montana would bring up such radical ideas - with the risk of being labelled a "conspiracy theorist." This label is almost as bad as "Jew" in Nazi Germany or "Terrorist" in modern America. Why would a person distinguished enough to earn such a high position in the spotlight take such a risk saying such outlandish things? I wondered if there was something to what he was telling us. So I started digging and paying a little more attention and found this man, (CLICK) , the father of the Amero. The Amero - what a catchy name for money - perfect I thought. I'd seen videos like this too:

How about Lou Dobbs discussing this concept? Is that credible?

So is this such a far-fetched idea? Let's take a look at our past. In his book An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution James Beard puts forward a theory that the Constitution of the United States was created more for economic interests than those having to do with high-minded "American Ideals."

I recently read a book called "The Framing of the Federal Constitution", text by Richard B. Morris, Produced by the Division of Publications, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C. 1986. This fascinating book distills much history into a very readable handbook. In short the story of the Constitution is told, starting with the desire of George Washington to open Western waterways so interstate commerce could flow between and into his state of Virginia. Bringing several states together soon became a larger gathering between even more states finally bringing about the Constitution. The Federalists used many political schemes to get the job done - and it worked. The anti-federalists were able to get the Bill of Rights attached in the form of the first amendments to the Constitution. So?

It seems to me that if commerce was the impetus behind a new centralized government before - it isn't that far-fetched to consider that commerce may be the impetus driving another centralized government. Let's take away all of the good, bad, your side, my side - just look at that one aspect - and the idea doesn't seem too remote. Now add in the convenience of a common currency - hmmm.

An unfinished article

Here's a good defense if you care to check it out...


Fake Truth for Our Own Good?

What is truth? One of the philosopher's oldest questions indeed. Zeno, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle - an endless list of those attempting to define this surprisingly elusive concept. Zeno presented paradoxes - most lost - which brought into question our very ability to perceive our world. He showed that contradictions exist between our observed world and the logical world. For example Zeno's "Flying Arrow" paradox states "That it is impossible for a thing to be moving during a period of time, because it is impossible for it to be moving at an indivisible instant." (From p.4 "Zeno's Paradox" by Joseph Mazur, penguin)
I visualize this paradox as a high-speed photograph of an arrow, in which, the arrow appears to be motionless. Continuing p. 5:
"The flying-arrow paradox concludes that motion is impossible. Zeno pictures an arrow in flight and considers it frozen at a single point in time. He argues that the arrow must be stationary at
that instant, and if it is stationary at that instant then it is stationary at any - and - every instant. Therefore, it does not move at all."

We can also learn from Heisenberg's uncertainty theory:
"According to quantum mechanics, the more precisely the position (momentum) of a particle is given, the less precisely can one say what its momentum (position) is." To visualize this I picture
someone blindfolded at a billiard table armed with a cue ball. On the table is an eight-ball. The blindfolded person rolls the cueball across the table, striking the eight-ball, thereby finding it, but
in the process moving it from its original location. Perhaps this is a weak analogy...wait - what am I getting at?

My point is that our world, even for science is so mysterious that we may never be able to nail down reality. In fact according to Aristotle everything we know is unscientific anyway because scientific observation is rooted in inductively derived observations, taken as givens by what he called "intuition." So what?


Modern man relies on the "SCIENTIFIC METHOD" as our definitive truth-
testing tool. Here is a nice illustration:
Flow Chart for The Scientific Method

So we use the scientific method to evaluate evidence for our best possible description of reality, or truth. So it's that simple right? Well...


In his book Public Opinion, Walter Lippmann discusses the "... insertion between man and his environment of a pseudo-environment. To that pseudo-environment his behavior is a response.
But because it is behavior, the consequences, if they are acts, operate not in the pseudo-environment where the behavior is stimulated, but in the real environment where action eventuates. ... at the level of social life, what is called the adjustment of man to his environment takes place through the medium of fictions. By fictions I do not mean lies. I mean a representation of the environment which is in lesser or greater degree made by man himself." He continues ... "For the real environment is altogether too big, too complex, and too fleeting for direct acquaintance. ...we have to reconstruct it on a simpler model before we can manage with it." Essentially, in my view, Lippmann described the dumbing down, repackaging, and presentation of a reality by an elite group to the masses. A top-down management of the masses via a controlled media. The fake reality fed to the public for its own good would be designed to produce a desired reaction from the masses to allow the elites to do what is best for the public. But isn't this just academic mumbo-jumbo? We live in a Republic, we elect our leaders. There's no conspiracy going on to manipulate the public is there? Well...


Consider (CLICK) This document examining practical considerations concerning disinformation in an adversarial environment. Or perhaps you will find (CLICK) this document and (CLICK) others here as proof that information war is a reality TODAY.

Since our Government and Military are information warfare experts would it be too much of a stretch to assume that they would employ this powerful tool? I think it is reasonable to answer "YES".


Without control of the media, information warfare can be neutralized by the free exchange of ideas - especially on the internet. THE INTERNET MUST REMAIN FREE - PERIOD. Our U.S. Constitution was designed to handle the "problems" propagandists like Lippmann saw with the seemingly stupid masses. We have three branches of government, one being a bicameral Congress. Add the electoral college. There are many "safeguards" in place, we are repeatedly told, to "protect" us from the tyranny of the masses. We have a FIRST AMENDMENT protecting freedom of speech and the press. Are we, expected, fellow citizens, to act like little children and listen to our elite "masters?" Are we to believe that our government is free from the overwhelming influence of powerful and influential Self-appointed apostles who would lead us to possible ruin?


“Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”
“A Republic, if you can keep it.” Dr. Ben Franklin was one of our wisest founding fathers. Who in our federal government is qualified to feed a citizen of Franklin's genius fake information for "his own good?" Please, my fellow citizens, please get involved in your own way - let's TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

Jan 11, 2009 PCR lays it out nicely
Jan 18, 2009 Right under our noses - Raw Story - nothing to see here
Media Complicity - from Think Progress
Jan 18, 2009 Anthony Beever: Naive or in denial?
Army of disinfo people vs. bloggers
George Wash. Blog on bots to downvote 911 truth
Mainstream Media Lies-Video
UPDATE Feb 24, 2009 Bernays on this topic
UPDATE APRIL 13, 2009 Prez. can shut down internet in declared times of emergency - Does that go for threat level orange?
UPDATE APRIL 13, 2009 Watson article on Fox News re: this topic
UPDATE APRIL 15, 2009 ...spin an alternative reality...WITH VIDEO
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 Paul Craig Roberts - Why Propaganda Trumps Truth
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK
UPDATE MARCH 28, 2010 CIA Paper Reveals Plans to Manipulate European Opinion on Afghanistan

BART shooting - looks like murder

I cannot fathom how the police get away with this. I am surprised the crowd didn't turn on them.

A clear video can be found HERE More video below.


An Excerpt from: The Art of Contrary Thinking: by Humphrey B. NeiLL

My how things have changed...

Page 76 - Caxton Printers, Ltd. Caldwell, Idaho 1960

So long as the international tension lasts we are going to be more and more submerged in "propagandized" news. We shall need to reach for contrary opinions to keep from being drowned.
Suppose we take a brief look at propaganda "devices" and also wherein, it seems to me, we and the Russians (he means the USSR at the time of printing) are diametrically opposed.

If we are to arrive at some comprehension of the uses of propaganda we first have to try and determine what Russia wants and what the Western nations want.

1. First, let's consider Russia...(USSR)
a. Russia requires a crisis in order to control her citizenry and prevent a revolt of the masses.
b. Without a continuing crisis it is a fair assumption that Russia would collapse because dictatorships must have an excuse for regimenting the people.

2. Now look at our side ...(USA)
a. We wish to get rid of the crisis in order to avoid collapse.
b. Western nations are sickly worried that a major war may result.
c. If the crisis persists too long Western nations will face collapse. (Great Britain, France, and other countries are already about at the end of their ropes and must be bolstered)."

I wonder what Mr. NeiLL was talking about? Here's something of interest from another book I found lying around:

"Ancient and Medieval Warfare" by Thomas E. Griess, Series Editor, The West Point Military History Series, Department of History, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, Avery Publishing Group Inc. Wayne New Jersey.
ISBN 0-89529-262-9

page 6: regarding war during the Classical Greek period:

" Combat was personal and physical to the extreme, the hoplite's impetus being provided by a sense of duty to his fellow citizen-in-arms. The pressure of war on the economy of both combatants was too great for either to long resist the call of peace. In effect, war was limited by the state of the art and by the social and economic conditions of the age. "

What happened to the restraint of military adventurism imposed by economic reality? (Chalmers Johnson)

History is replete with examples demonstrating the folly of glorious war. I challenge you, reader, to peruse this site and elsewhere, especially history, for more information on this topic.


Has the NSA sold out to Israel? Video

Considering BLACKMAIL seems conspiratorial - but worth considering...

-------------++++++++------ More here: ------++++++++
Our "Protectors" will cut off our phones - why?
Are Americans hearing both sides of the story?
NSA spied on everybody - so if the NSA contracted out their work...
UPDATE MAY 6, 2009 Brad Blog considers blackmail
Comments not working on the blog right now...8:52 PM Eastern, but to answer those who wish ill toward Israel - let me state my position - I don't care about Israel one way or the other since I am an American citizen. I focus on my own country and have no time for religious bickering, war, etc... I do want AIPAC to get lost. I do want some balance in news, movies, print, so both sides of everyone's story can be heard and some form of justice result. Israel? Don't care. JR
UPDATE MAY 7, 2009 Is Israel blackmailing America?